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Benefits of ServiceNow SecOps

As digital technology continues to upgrade and improve, so do cybersecurity challenges, which is especially true for businesses going for digital transformation. Cybersecurity continues to target the most critical areas, where businesses must focus to ensure their finances, reputation as well as the operation of an organization are protected. With changing work culture and rapid adoption of hybrid work environment and businesses being distributed across geographies, a strong cybersecurity framework is a necessity for all business organizations. Though ServiceNow is established as the leading IT (Information Technology) Service Management (ITSM) platform, its full-stack Security Operations (SecOps) offering can be used by businesses to proactively tackle security challenges and efficiently resolve them.

Inspired by the success of DevOps which saw integration of Development (Dev) and IT Operations (Ops) for fast and efficient software delivery, SecOps was started to similarly integrate IT Security and IT Operations. To prevent silos within the larger IT organization, ServiceNow SecOps IT Security and IT Operations have merged and collaborated to form Security Operations. The goal is to achieve security objectives without sacrificing any IT performance. ServiceNow SecOps built on the Now platform is a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) and risk-based vulnerability management engine that helps organizations mitigate threats and address vulnerabilities.

Objectives of SecOps

  • Ensure security of the application throughout the software development lifecycle by facilitating collaboration across teams.
  • Continuously monitor security infrastructure for increasing visibility and developing better security practices.
  • Make sure management is on board with developing a roadmap to strengthen and expand the organization’s security at all levels.

Benefits of SecOps

Streamline Security Operations

ServiceNow SecOps integrates with other security tools and systems, such as vulnerability scanners and firewalls, to provide a single, unified view of an organization’s security posture. This helps security teams more easily track and respond to threats and coordinate with other IT and security teams.

Improve Incident Response

Businesses employ many security techniques to manage threats efficiently and ensure strong security. They can now recognize, classify, and deal with security issues with the help of SecOps. The ServiceNow Incident Response Management module works in conjunction with third-party security technologies and processes through easy connections. To reduce risk, the security information and event management platform feeds notifications based on incident reports. For addressing security problems in a planned manner, businesses can set up a suitable IT infrastructure.

Manage Vulnerabilities

The ServiceNow Vulnerability Response application identifies, classifies, and addresses organizational vulnerabilities. The vulnerability response application collects and analyzes data that indicates the probability of risk, detects the vulnerabilities, and suggests the areas for advancement using the capabilities of ServiceNow PA (Performance Analytics). The vulnerability response dashboards offer an in-depth view of all vulnerabilities of a chosen IT asset or business service and demonstrate how the vulnerability may affect the entire enterprise by connecting with ServiceNow CMDB (configuration management database). Based on the impact study, the vulnerabilities are prioritized, and respective solutions are implemented proactively. The IT team can also monitor the progress of the solution implementation.

Enhanced Security Analytics

It is important for organizations to identify, prioritize, and address any threats before they occur. However, inefficient labor-intensive processes are increasing the gap between security and IT teams’ ability to work together to quickly identify and address issues. Lack of real-time insight into the entire security architecture and operational data is the cause of this inadequacy. By integrating with the ServiceNow Performance Analytics, the ServiceNow security operations module can address this issue.


ServiceNow SecOps can significantly improve the organization’s security posture by automating and streamlining security operations, enhancing security analytics, and improving incident response capabilities. It is an essential tool for any organization looking to protect itself from cyber threats.

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