IoT engineers reviewing Software AG Cumulocity dashboards for predictive maintenance

Benefits of Software AG Cumulocity IoT Platform

Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly seen as not only an opportunity but a necessity to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape. Connected devices spreading across the enterprise bring numerous benefits to businesses especially as data becomes an integral part of operations. Real-time communication between devices generate data that provides new and more accurate insights into processes and informed decision-making.  As a result, operational expenditure and downtime are reduced leading to increased efficiency and productivity and enhanced customer experience.

However, implementing IoT might seem daunting. Software AG’s IoT platform, Cumulocity, is easy to implement and connects everything in the business environment that can be connected.  As a self-service platform which boosts ROI, independent analysts including Gartner and Forrester have ranked Cumulocity IoT as a top IoT platform.  

Software AG Cumulocity Overview

Take a Tour of Cumulocity IoT – See the IoT platform in action!

Watch this short video to get an idea of how the Cumulocity platform works with real dashboard examples and use cases.

Benefits of Implementing Cumulocity IoT

Easy No-code Integration

Implementing IoT projects can become a complicated and lengthy process. Many IoT projects tend to fail because of poor integration, especially with business workflows. Cumulocity IoT is a self-service IoT platform that provides a configuration-driven approach. With Cumulocity, connecting IoT data in workflows and automating actions and processes does not require coding effort. Orchestrating integration between cloud and on-premises applications is simplified by a graphical user interface and integration templates. This ensures that IoT data can be integrated with enterprise systems easily and without any coding.


Cumulocity is a top IoT application enablement platform helping developers innovate and develop IoT applications quickly. Its ready-to-go mobile apps can be further customized and localized to fit specific requirements, branded with company logos, and made available for download through Android and Apple app stores. Apart from development and testing, even maintenance is taken care of as mobile apps are updated from a common code base. IoT solution accelerators speed up IoT project implementation and reduce costs by providing solutions that use proven industry blueprints and can be launched with any necessary customizations.

Data Analytics

Businesses can quickly configure data points with standard protocols necessary for device integration and get historical data analysis, log monitoring and status reports without delay. Cumulocity provides greater visibility into operations by capturing sensor data and feeding them into powerful dashboards for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance of devices. This data intelligence helps enterprises efficiently monitor operations and carry out predictive maintenance.

Edge IoT Solutions

Cumulocity IoT platform can be run on cloud, on-premises, on the edge and on hybrid environments but edge-only solutions can be advantageous for many enterprises. In industrial sites with IoT devices generating lots of data, network connectivity may not be optimal. Sending data to the cloud and requiring quick responses becomes challenging. Cumulocity IoT edge platform is the answer to these challenges. It is not only a low-code/no-code platform but solutions developed once can be deployed anywhere significantly cutting down cost.

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