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Case Study: How to End Service Desk Frustration Quickly and Increase Efficiency

V-Soft as a Hosting & Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers Domain Separated instances through a ServiceNow plugin configuration. This keeps your data, and any custom processes separate in its own shared V-Soft ServiceNow domain. Each customer’s data is separated into its own V-Soft domain eliminating visibility to any other customer.

Hosting ServiceNow through a Domain Partitioned Instance allows Managed Service Providers (like V-Soft) to support resources and associated ServiceNow instance cost across each organization. That is, multiple customers can use the same instance, which is analogous to different companies leasing space in the same office building. The instance has global properties, data, and processes that are shared across all domains, just like an office has shared resources and spaces. Domain separation can also allow global companies with distinct business needs in various parts of the world to segment and customize their instances.


V-Soft Consulting collaborated with an innovative solutions provider for cost efficient pharmaceutical services that   maximize the benefits for payors, providers, and patients.


To support their Service Desk, the company performed numerous manual tasks. They were collecting data in Microsoft (MS) Access while running multiple queries against the database to get a view of their Service Desk status, health, and high-priority actions. Unfortunately, these time-consuming tasks caused delays in their ability to respond to incidents.


To help streamline their operations, V-Soft quickly onboarded this company onto our ServiceNow Domain Partitioned Instance.

We captured all the key data from MS Access, such as users, locations, and products, and loaded it into the customer’s new V-Soft ServiceNow domain.

From there, we managed their ServiceNow licenses and trained their team in ServiceNow application modules, which allowed the customer to focus on their core business activities.


With V-Soft’s Domain Partitioned Instance, this company can focus on their core business activities and let V-Soft handle all ServiceNow-related tasks, such as release updates, software patches, license management, and continuous improvement activities. Also, they saved money on implementation and support costs as we offered shared support resources and associated costs across the instance with multiple domain clients.

Ultimately, the customers improved their Service Desk operations and now provide their customers with a better experience.