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Customer Service Management in ServiceNow

Consumers demand personalized experiences in the data-driven world we now inhabit. For organizations to improve customer experiences, real-time connectivity and engagement with their customers utilizing both dynamic and static data are now essential. Here is where ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) shines.

What is Customer Service Management?

Customer service management refers to the coordination of tasks between customers, customer service, and other teams to address problems and fulfill requests as promptly as possible.

The ServiceNow Customer Service Management application offers service and support to your external clients using communication channels including the web, email, chat, phone, and social media. When necessary, it creates cases and assigns them to customer support agents who have the required skill sets.

ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management helps in delivering a friction-free customer experience by addressing customer needs quickly and proactively.

Why is Customer Service important?

Customer service is the direct line of communication between your customers and your company. It keeps clients and gets more value out of them. Businesses can recover their expenditures associated with customer acquisition by offering excellent customer service. This aids in building a devoted following, while also allowing new clients to act as case studies and offer recommendations and evaluations.

Benefits of Customer Service Management

1. Solve issues by connecting the entire organization

Automate all business operations, from the front to the back. Gain visibility throughout the whole case lifecycle and intelligently route cases to the best personnel.

2. Address customer issues proactively

Watch over services to spot issues and alert clients who may be affected. Examining workflow trends can boost automation efficiency and solve problems more quickly.

Great customer service is not just about cutting costs or making operations more efficient. Instead, it’s a systematic reinvention of established technology, data, and operations — leveraging automation, data, and agents together to exploit each of their unique strengths.

Forrester, The Three Customer Service Megatrends in 2019

3. Encourage self-service

Embed self-service on any website, automate common client inquiries, and use an AI-powered chatbot to offer responses.

A lot of AI could become AI for the sake of AI. We’re super, super principled about creating purpose-built AI. And we use it to drive intelligent actions and workflows that deliver business value. There has to be a tangible ROI.

Vijay Narayanan, Chief AI Officer, ServiceNow

Capabilities of ServiceNow Customer Service Management

ServiceNow CSM is the most comprehensive solution. ServiceNow CSM offers various features and supporting capabilities to solve various customer service challenges and improve customer experiences.

1. Task Intelligence

Automated task creation, triage, and inquiry can increase agent productivity. Spend less time receiving and preparing so that clients receive responses quickly

  • Without the requirement for data science skills, empower service agents and process owners with AI.
  • Automatically gather relevant data to send issues to the appropriate team for the best response.
  • For better customer service and experiences, fix problems more quickly and intelligently.
  • Straightforward setup and guided experiences make it simple to define, train, evaluate, and deploy models.

2. Playbooks for Customer Service Management

Automate and digitize customer service procedures.

  • Many businesses struggle to provide customer service, whether it’s to accept new accounts, handle grievances, or handle claims. Processes with multiple steps include disjointed teams and systems. These silos hinder executives’ ability to identify and manage issues with service delivery, prevent businesses from providing an end-to-end digital experience, render agents unable to swiftly connect with other teams, and increase service costs. Agents are unable to track the work being done by downstream teams because they lack visual advice for the complete process lifecycle.

3. Agent Workspace

With assisted resolution, multitasking, and a customizable single view, boost the agent’s productivity.

  • Concurrently resolve numerous challenges in an efficient layout.
  • Automated machine learning-based recommendations can help you solve problems more quickly.
  • Receive alerts for potentially serious occurrences depending on the frequency and impact of the issues.
  • Utilize analytics and a live activity feed to stay up to date on developments and reveal key information.

4. Omni-Channel in ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Encourage customer service via social media, phone, message, chat, web, and email.

  • Organizations can provide customers with support across a variety of channels thanks to ServiceNow Customer Service Management’s omni-channels.
  • Agents manage customer interactions across all channels from their workplaces. To provide the context of prior contacts, Customer Central gives customers a time-sequenced view of the customer by channel or across channels. Instead of focusing on the channels, the emphasis is on the consumer and their needs.

5. Advanced Work Assignment

Automatically route work to the best agent based on criteria or affinity of the case.

  • Give agents the tools they need to help clients and solve their problems in a workspace that is optimized, uses third-party data, and provides visibility into the projects that other teams are working on.
  • With a configurable interface that shows customers’ previous activities, agents can quickly become well informed about client issues. Agents give potential answers from many sources as they work.
  • By automatically routing issues to the most qualified agents, resolution times can be shortened, and first-contact resolution can be increased.

6. Order Management

Swiftly convert orders into revenue while enhancing the customer experience.

  • Give customers and agents a comprehensive understanding of the order lifecycle. This allows agents to submit orders on behalf of consumers and provides the opportunity to view an order’s particulars and progress.
  • Workflows can be used to create and automate order tasks to speed up order fulfillment, meet SLAs, and cut expenses. Orders can be imported from outside systems and completed in ServiceNow.
  • Provide self-service options to customers, such as order tracking and the ability to open cases when they require assistance. Reduce the amount of contact, frustration, and consumer effort.

7. Predictive Intelligence

By utilizing machine learning to power your workflows, you can free up people to work on more fulfilling tasks. Automate repetitive tasks to address problems more quickly.

  • Provide service providers with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, with no need for data science knowledge.
  • Use intelligent ideas based on natural language processing to solve problems rapidly.
  • Proactively identify significant occurrences and locate the most significant areas for development.
  • Work requests can be automatically routed and assigned to the appropriate teams at the appropriate times.


ServiceNow Customer Service Management rethinks the customer experience. Connect digital processes to automate labor across departments, scale service operations, and boost customer satisfaction.

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