Drive Intelligent Business Decisions and Automation with Now Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and analytics have changed how businesses think and operate. This combination has revolutionized the approach businesses use to understand data, extract meaningful insights, explore new business opportunities, and make intelligent business decisions. The Now Intelligence platform combines the power of AI and analytics to automate employee workflows and promotes businesses to make intelligent decisions.

How Now Intelligence Transforms Businesses

While there are many ways Now Intelligence can transform businesses, the advantages can be categorized into the following:

1. Resolve Issues Quickly and Intelligently

Whether it’s customers or employees, people are annoyed when they have to perform repetitive tasks, wait for issue resolution, or search for information from large, disconnected enterprise systems. ServiceNow’s Now Intelligence platform delivers the right information quickly and automates workflows for better user experiences.

ServiceNow platform uses the power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to understand user requirements, categorize, locate, and display information via charts, reports, dashboards, and so on. The NLU engine makes intelligent recommendations to make the search process quick and accurate. To automate this entire process, Now Intelligence offers predictive intelligence to enable businesses to automate workflows using machine learning models to avoid repetitive tasks and ensure a faster resolution.

2. Predict and Automate

The Now Intelligence platform enables businesses to create customizable machine learning models in accordance with their business requirements. Based on insights derived from machine learning models, businesses can perform workflow automation. By achieving intelligent automation, businesses can predict user issues in advance and provide solutions.

Workflows such as IT or customer service requests can be completely automated. Actions like categorizing, suggesting self-service solutions, raising service tickets, routing the ticket to the right team, updating the user on status can all be automated. This enables the service teams to handle a high volume of requests with ease while providing faster resolutions.

3. Make Informed Business Decisions

The Now Intelligence tools offer embedded analytics so business leaders can make informed decisions. ServiceNowigence allows users to define KPIs and maps out the outcomes. Using Performance Analytics dashboards, one can assess performance and study trends. Using this data, processes can be restructured to ensure efforts are well aligned with business objectives and ensure continuous improvement.

How to Implement Now Intelligence

ServiceNow Experts working on Implementing Now Intelligence

Step 1:  Ensure Data Integrity

ServiceNow Now intelligence platform comes with strong AI capabilities such as predictive intelligence, performance analytics, machine learning, NLP, and so on. Even though these capabilities provide intelligent insights, these tools only work as well as the data provided. Providing inaccurate data will yield inaccurate results. Before implementing any Now Intelligence solutions, organizations should check if their data is biased, provide trustworthy data, and ensure data integrity to get better results.

Step 2: Assess Service Performance and KPIs

Business goals are unique to each business so likewise, key performance indicators (KPIs) also vary. Once data integrity is ensured, businesses should assess their current service performance and KPIs using Performance Analytics.  These KPIs will be what the Now Intelligence platforms use to measure performance so make sure you know exactly what you want to measure.

Step 3: Identify what Business Areas to Transform

Define areas you would like to improve and establish clear goals to achieve with Now Intelligence. Considering the targets to achieve, define KPIs to monitor and measure performance. Prioritize the areas you wish to transform with Now Intelligence. This way businesses get maximum benefits in a defined timeframe.

Step 4: Adopt Now Intelligence Automation Solution

Based on the above priority list, apply self-service and appropriate automation solutions. Some scenarios include:

  1. Implementing a consolidated HR portal and HR chatbot to solve repetitive HR tasks.
  2. Deploying a mobile app to handle field service requests.
  3. Deploying a customer service chatbot to improve customer satisfaction.
  4. Offer knowledge articles via a chatbot and/or portal to handle IT Service requests

Step 5: Monitor Progress 

Implementing an automation solution does not end with deploying Now Intelligence. Using the ServiceNow Performance Analytics module, monitor the performance of your business processes and adjust when needed. This way businesses can ensure continuous improvement and make sure the solution is heading in the direction of your goals.