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Driving IT Operation Management Efficiency with ServiceNow ITOM

Digital transformation is a must for businesses to stay relevant in this digitally empowered competitive environment. This requires a significant rise in IT infrastructure resulting in new challenges for the IT department to monitor, secure, manage and gain visibility into the IT services and infrastructure, while fast-tracking service delivery and avoiding service outages. This is where the need for IT operations management comes in. ServiceNow offers ITOM module, to drive efficient IT operational efficiency at optimal costs and avoid service outages and

Challenges in IT Operations Management

IT departments have a broad view of business services and infrastructure, by mapping one with the other. Enterprises have a strong interest in digital transformation to drive efficiency and add technologies such as voice assistants, IoT, blockchain, and, DevOps.

This led to a radical rise in scalable IT infrastructure and increased demand for robust operational management. The real challenge here is accelerating the service delivery process while ensuring quality. The rapid advancements and added technologies can be hard for IT teams to balance between each business service and system. Lack of service visibility can result in inconsistencies. In the case of business-critical services, response rates can be negatively impacted. This is where the role of ServiceNow ITOM role comes in.

As defined by ServiceNow, ServiceNow ITOM provides better visibility into your infrastructure and services, prevent service outages, and expand your organization’s operational agility

How ServiceNow ITOM Solves Answers These Challenges

Scalable Cloud Solutions

The cloud is pivotal to ensure agility and identical user experiences in business applications and service delivery across any device from any location. Now, cloud implementation is required in the business environment.  With enterprises introducing multiple-cloud resources, the management of these resources has become of utmost importance.  Also, growing IT infrastructure and on-demand services are posing a challenge to enterprise cloud strategy. In this scenario, ServiceNow cloud management fosters a competent cloud strategy for the enterprise to meet dynamic enterprise cloud needs.

The ServiceNow cloud management platform brings enterprises a common hybrid cloud management framework. The ServiceNow cloud management solution creates a single record with consistent procedures for public and private cloud to ensure uninterrupted business services and application delivery. This cloud service solution optimizes cloud operations by discovering and mapping the entire IT infrastructure and business services.

  • Easy Integration with Cloud Providers
  • Self-Service Capabilities
  • Better Governance and Transparency
  • Speedy Delivery of Services
  • Risk Assessment

Monitors the Health of Critical Business Services

Mapping services are an important aspect of the ServiceNow ITOM process. Service mapping enables IT teams to optimize process workflows and operational costs. The service mapping process creates a top-down view of all application services in an organization using pattern-based discovery or traffic-based discovery. ServiceNow ITOM ensures transparency for the overall IT infrastructure.

Service mapping organizes applications and related IT systems within an organization. It improves services by identifying the source of issues and changes in the IT infrastructure. Service Mappings use the traffic-based actions to build a Service Map and enable a more unified infrastructure. It also creates an index of services like URL, queue or Citrix VDI cloud mapping tools.

In ServiceNow ITOM,  Service Mapping creates dependencies between devices and services. This dependency helps identify the impact a failed device has on the rest of the infrastructure. Normally, organizations keep an inventory of their devices in a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). ServiceNow helps the organization keep track of services and their dependency with other Configuration Items (CI) within the organization, thereby enabling Service Mapping to monitor the health of critical business services

  • Ensures quality incident, change, and management processes
  • Helps point out where outages occur and the impact of those outages
  • Improves resolution time of infrastructure issues
  • Requires less than 10% effort compared to the ADDM tool for manual Service Mapping
  • Maps services with less input from the service owners
  • Relates top-down mapping of services in dynamically changing cloud environments

Intelligent Operations and Event Management

Enterprises rely on IT to maintain the availability of business infrastructure services and resources securely. Despite having various monitoring tools, IT can still be affected by unreliable service performance glitches, service outages, and ineffective troubleshooting performance issues. The IT operations job is compounded with services featuring multi-cloud instances running serverless computing such as containers.

ServiceNow Operational Intelligence is an add-on application to ServiceNow Event Management that enables IT to monitor performance issues in IT infrastructure and applications. Powered by Machine Learning capabilities, this module helps IT to monitor resources and locate precise performance issues. To locate anomalies, the Machine Learning algorithms create dynamic thresholds for usual behavior without having to manually set and manage countless thresholds. Without having to wait for monitoring tools to raise events, IT can be warned about the anomalies saving a lot of IT time and can be proactive in risk handling.