ServiceNow Paris Release

Explore the New Features in the ServiceNow Paris Release

To meet the future needs of the service delivery process, every new ServiceNow release has offered innovative automation solutions. Due to COVID-19, many workplaces have gone virtual and the way businesses operate has completely changed. To ensure business continuity and a safe back-to-workplace strategy, consider the ServiceNow Paris release with its stunning new features. 

1. Safe Workplace Applications

Employee Readiness Surveys

The Employee Readiness Survey application provides a survey for employees to take to make sure they feel comfortable and confident to return to physical offices. The survey consists of a series of questions related to their concerns, health status, and so on. Depending on the survey results, organizations can understand the feelings of employees and plan reopening steps accordingly.

Employee Health Screening

The ServiceNow Employee Health Screening application helps to make sure employees who enter the office follow PPE and health standards, such as maintaining a proper temperature. The application dashboard records and monitors workplace trends so stakeholders can see across multiple office locations.

Workplace Safety Management

The Workplace Safety Management application organizes workplace safety management activities, such as sanitization efforts. Facility managers can assign maintenance and sanitation activities to the appropriate employees and schedule shifts without interfering with work schedules. Dashboards provide real-time reports that include employee shifts, workspace reservations, cleaning status, and more.

Workplace Personal Protective Equipment Inventory Management

Many businesses are choosing to provide PPE gear for their employees, including masks and gloves. The PPE Inventory Management application provides real-time and historical inventory management data at each facility.

Safe Workplace Dashboard

The Safe Workplace Dashboard collects data from the above apps and presents it into a single, consolidated view. The dashboard is free for all ServiceNow clients and offers data visualizations of various demographics in a single map. Based on this analysis, workforce and workplace safety procedures can be adjusted.

COVID-19 Global Health Data Set

The COVID-19 Global Health Data Set application provides comprehensive global health data about COVID-19 that is gathered from publicly available and trusted data sources. The data is updated continuously and is included in the Safe Workplace Dashboard.

Contact Tracing

The Contact Tracing application is intended to keep track of infected or symptomatic employees and those who may have been in contact with them. Managers will receive alerts of any infected cases within the workspace or campus. This application uses Wi-Fi logs, contact logs, and push notifications to trace who they were in contact with.

Employee Readiness Core

The Employee Readiness Core application connects all the data from the Safe Workplace Suite, providing managers with the most accurate, up-to-date information across multiple office locations. Employees can be filtered by department and location to get a more granular view.

Learn more about ServiceNow Safe Workplace apps.

2. Emergency Response Management Applications

Also included in the Paris Release are the Emergency Response Management applications. The applications were first released in late March 2019 in response to the initial outbreak of the COVID-19. The apps were geared toward helping businesses navigate the crisis situation to ensure effective communication and business continuity.

Emergency Response Operations

The Emergency Response Operations application was developed to help organizations supervise and support emergency response management. With this app, users can generate an emergency incident and appoint personnel in different locations to handle the emergency. The app also tracks the status of the incident in regular intervals.

Emergency Outreach

The Emergency Outreach application evaluates the impact of emergencies on employees on a regular basis in order to effectively communicate safety measures. The application facilitates communication through email or push notifications on mobile apps or Slack. To make the outreach process easier, outreach clusters of employees can be created based on certain conditions and can trigger communication in case of emergencies.

Emergency Self Report

The Emergency Self Report application lets the workforce voluntarily report health status, treatment status, and back-to-work dates. Using dashboards, managers can track the health of employees and guide response teams.

Emergency Exposure Management

When an employee self-reports, the Emergency Exposure Management application locates the employees who reported and measures the extent of exposure between them and other employees.

3. Other New Applications in the Paris Release

Hardware Asset Management

To automate the management of assets, the Hardware Asset Management module is included in the ServiceNow Paris release. By automating the workflows that track hardware assets and update data throughout the hardware’s life cycle, this module ensures that hardware asset data is precise. The application comes with a dashboard to display all asset and inventory data. The application fits seamlessly with the ServiceNow Agent mobile app so that users can scan an asset and pull up all the relevant data about it.

Natural Language Query (NLQ)

ServiceNow has been at the forefront of natural language adoption, which shows in their latest feature, Natural Language Query (NLQ). NLQ allows users to access data easily by entering their query in natural language. NLQ goes a step beyond Natural Language Understanding (NLU) because NLU is based on static keywords. The NLQ module builds custom synonyms for the keywords to improve search results. NLQ supports the following operations: ​

  • Suggesting tables
  • Filtering​
  • Grouping and aggregating​
  • Sorting​
  • Visualizing data

Predictive Intelligence Workbench

The Predictive Intelligence Workbench module uses pre-built templates to build predictive intelligence models for your business objectives. This module leverages machine learning capabilities to achieve intelligent business process automation. This module can be used in the ITSM and HR Service Delivery modules of the Paris release. Users can build predictive intelligence models by duplicating existing models or building new ones altogether. Organizations can monitor the predictive model’s status in a single dashboard based on predefined metrics.

Process Automation Designer

The Process Automation Designer module allows process owners to unify inter- and intra-enterprise business workflows. End users get a simplified look at task-based processes. This feature can also automate process activities. Using a task board interface, one can consolidate process activities and guide end-users.

Upgrade Center

The new Upgrade Center lets organizations manage upgrades in one place. This module:

  • Lists available upgrades
  • Explains the UX after an upgrade
  • Reviews missed upgrades
  • Schedules upgrades
  • Monitors upgrades,
  • Saves upgrade history

A great feature of the Upgrade Center is the preview feature, which highlights what the upgrade and experience will look like.

Workforce Optimization for ITSM

Employee satisfaction is as important as customer or client satisfaction. The ServiceNow Paris release comes with a new feature in the form of Workforce Optimization. The feature can also help position the right talent in the right position to drive business results. Workforce Optimization evaluates employee skills and uses ServiceNow predictive intelligence capabilities to identify employee skill gaps in a team and suggests appropriate training sessions or new roles.