Improve HR Service Delivery with ServiceNow

How ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery can Transform Your HR Department

In such an active and high-demand department, there is no question that HR should be a strategic partner for any business. Business leaders from all industries are investing more to transform their Human Resources department.  With processes that are so crucial for service delivery companies, giving employees the service experience they deserve makes a big impact. With the power of ServiceNow, enterprise efforts are seamless with innovative solutions that transform the role of HR.

Put Service at the Heart of Your Business

When you simplify access to services, you increase employee satisfaction. This also improves productivity; using fewer resources to serve more employees by minimizing repetitive tasks with automated workflows and case management.  HR teams have more critical roles in overall business strategies than tending to every employee request. Having a system that connects your employees with requested information eliminates bottlenecks.

With ServiceNow’s HR Portal, your company can:

  • Manage compliance activities, expenses, contract management
  • Accept or decline PTO requests/approvals/tracking
  • Cater to local differences across global institutions
  • Design a platform that is shared across IT and organization

Convenience is key.  When employees have difficulty finding the right information, this results in back and forth inquires with HR teams and decreased user satisfaction.  Going the extra step and utilizing a chatbot – bots that transact real-language conversation with users- will provide service 24/7 from any mobile device.  These bots can be a guide to HR policies, answer questions, create tickets and so much more.

Interested in a Chatbot for your business? Click here to discuss your Chatbot needs with a no-cost, no-hassle consultation.

Your Global Employee Service Center

ServiceNow HR automation is developed to alleviate the pressure on HR departments to invest valuable time in improving the company workplace.  When systems are incongruent, even the simplest tasks can become difficult to handle, and as the company grows so does the workload. Here, ServiceNow facilitates consolidations and streamlines discrete HR systems and services with a tailored global HR case management and employee service center. This allows the HR department to merge the entire HR technology infrastructure which results in:

  • Faster and smarter workflow capabilities
  • Higher user satisfaction levels
  • Tailored experiences for employees
  • Transparent view of service flows and relationships with other departments

This system makes creating tickets and following up with them a breeze. It keeps track of tickets as they go through the various stages of resolution and offers a simple chat system to explain the problem/get help fast.” -G2

Solve Pain Points with Automation

Career transitions typically occur every two to three years and reducing onboarding time and costs is a major aspect of a successful HR team.  The filing and storage of repetitive information can be a time-consuming process for both new employees and HR professionals. The estimated mid-level onboarding time is around 7-10 business days.  HR automation offers a cloud-based solution that integrates all third-party systems and automated all processes within each system. HR professionals can simply enter the preliminary information and give employees access to the self-service dashboard while monitoring all status updates and changes.

The employee dashboard allows employees to fill out their information in a single form for the repetitive information to automatically generate after. This not only saves HR teams time and effort, it also provides an awesome user experience for the employees.

ServiceNow simplifies access to services, increasing employee satisfaction with access to services they need while improving productivity. Implementing ServiceNow HR Service Delivery is the ideal to create a consumer-like service experience while increasing HR productivity.  No matter if it’s a simple request for information or a multi-faceted process like onboarding, employees are given a single portal for all their service needs.