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Making Work Mobile with ServiceNow New York Release

The ServiceNow New York release includes new functionalities and enhancements to existing functionalities. Patch releases and hotfixes will be released on an as-needed schedule. Before you upgrade to New York, it’s important to understand the products your organization may implement. Some products have many new app features powered by the Now Platform.

Remove the Friction from Everyday Work

ServiceNow New York release new features allow you to get work done from anywhere with powerful innovations in enterprise mobile, intelligence, and workspaces. With Now Mobile, employees have access to HR, IT, finance, legal, facilities, and many other departments- all from a mobile application powered by the ServiceNow Platform solves various business problems. Getting help fast makes all the difference, with Now Mobile, users can get help, find answers, and make requests using Native device capabilities and preceptive actions. With one place for approvals, requests from multiple departments and integrated systems are consolidated making finding information, items, or contacts easy to find.

Benefits of Now Mobile

  • Native mobile for the enterprise delivers tailored mobile experiences with an app powered by a single cloud platform with a common data model.
  • Consumer-like mobile interface makes it easy for employees to get work done across departments without memorizing the corporate directory.
  • Powerful self-help for all employees enables employee self-service for better experiences and lower costs with Virtual Agent—native on the Now Platform.
  • Consolidated approvals and to-dos provide fast, easy access to common tasks across IT, HR, facilities, finance, and legal from a single location.

New Now Mobile Features

1. Request Help

When the application is integrated with a service catalog, users can submit issues and request items. By default, the app uses the base system catalog. Users can request help from the ‘quick actions’ menu when the Agent Chat [com.glie.interaction.awa] plugin in the Now Mobile app is mobilized.

2. View and Complete Tasks

Users can view their assigned items and complete their tasks. By default, ‘My Tasks’ shows the user what they may need for approval from the ‘Requests’ [sc_request] and ‘Requested Items [sc_req_item] tables.

3. View Assets

Users can view, computers, mobile devices, and other company-issued items that they use. If something is not working properly, they have a no-hassle way to report any issue from the item record.

4. Track the Status of a Request

Your users can search and track their requests using the ‘Services’ tab. Construct a table and filter to determine which records appear to the user. For example, add a filter to display records that are opened by the user from the ‘Problem’ table.

5. View Resources

Integrate the application with a knowledge base that allows users to find answers and view company resources. By default, the app uses the IT knowledge base.

New Mobile Onboarding Features

1. Compete Onboarding To-Dos

ServiceNow’s Onboarding app is a new application in the New York release. The mobile onboarding app provides an end-to-end experience that guides employers on what needs to be done in one place. New hires can complete their onboarding tasks from anywhere, like signing electronics documents, taking their employee badge photo, and setting up direct deposit. Hiring managers can track the progress of their new hires, and new hires have access to important contacts for any questions. 

2. Ask Questions

New hires can ask any onboarding related questions. The question appears as a comment in the related life-cycle event case. The agent who is working on the case can reply to the new hire employee using the comments section in the case form.

3. View Relevant Content

You can arrange media sections to allow new hires to review relevant content at different stages of the onboarding process. For example, new hires can learn more about your organization before they reach their start date and have the option to download the Now Mobile application after all onboarding is completed.

4. ServiceNow Project Status

ServiceNow Project Status is a new application in the New York Release. The Project Status app authorizes you to track the status of all your projects, collaborate with connected stakeholders, view status reports, resolve irregularities, and take timely actions.

Project Status features

  • View project status and status reports
  • View the latest status and status reports of your projects on a mobile device. The projects are grouped by portfolio, criticality, and status.
  • View important information on a project

View the following information on a project that might need your attention or require you to take action:

  • Risks and decisions
  • Financial data such as budget cost, total planned cost, actual cost, estimated the cost at completion and planned returns
  • Collaborate with stakeholders

Collaborate with other stakeholders on a project by doing the following:

  • Adding work notes and comments
  • Attaching images and relevant documents
  • Sending email to the project manager or other stakeholders
  • View activity notifications
  • Receive mobile notifications when the project status changes or other users add comments or notes. You can enable or disable these notifications

The ServiceNow Mobile Application is active by default in new instances. If you are upgrading from a previous release, activate the Mobile Employee Experience Native App ( plugin. For more information, click the link to Activate Now Mobile App.