Food and Beverage Customer sharing purchasing and behavior data while shopping

Transforming Legacy F&B Data Management for Real-Time Reporting

The Problem

A large US-based Food and Beverage company was relying on a Business Intelligence infrastructure that moved slowly to transform data from multiple sources and build reports. Accessing real-time data wasn’t possible and the client was struggling to accurately predict when reports would be ready. The client needed a solution to deliver reports to customers in the proper format as soon as the data was available.

The Solution

V-Soft Digital delivered a data virtualization solution that enabled decision makers with self-service access to real-time data to make evidence-based decisions in order to run the business better. The solution included:

  • Self-service access for data consumers
  • A single place to access data
  • Visibility into a wide range of datasets
  • Fast availability for new datasets
  • Canonical KPI definitions

The Result

  • The client’s data became centralized, eliminating the need to transfer large amounts of data across networks to run reports.
  • The client’s source system design or storage no longer caused performance bottlenecks.
  • The client’s data storage was optimized, enhancing data analytics.

For more information on V-Soft Digital’s Data Virtualization Services, click here.


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