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Understanding How ServiceNow CSM Modernizes Customer Service Management

In this data-driven world we live in, consumers expect personal, tailored experiences. It is no longer good enough to have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in place. CRMs are helpful only to record and track customer interactions. But customer interests are much more dynamic than that. What businesses need now is real-time connectivity and engagement with their customers using both dynamic and static data which is the key to generating better customer experiences. Here is where ServiceNow Customer ServiceNow Management (CSM) shines. Let us explore how ServiceNow CSM solves some of today’s most challenging Customer Service issues.

Challenges that Necessitates the Need for ServiceNow CSM

The most significant customer service challenges solved by ServiceNow CSM are: 

  • Incoherent business processes make it difficult to locate the origin of an issue.
  • Service requests come in from multiple, disjointed engagement channels.
  • Manual processes are time-consuming and lack transparency.
  • Multiple engagement channels lead to inconsistent customer experiences.
  • Insufficient self-service options result in customer and agent dissatisfaction.
  • Support is hindered due to having to address the same issues day-after-day.

What is ServiceNow CSM?

As defined by ServiceNow, “ServiceNow CSM goes beyond traditional customer service solutions to delight your customers with proactive service from issue to resolution. It resolves complex issues end-to-end by engaging other departments in the resolution of the root cause of issues, identifying permanent solutions, and improving product quality.”

How ServiceNow CSM Modernizes Customer Service Management

1. Smart Customer Service Management and Omnichannel Support

To drive innovative and dynamic customer service solutions, ServiceNow CSM automates service requests and integrates the request raising and resolution process across multiple channels such as chatbot, mobile app, voice assistant, portal, and so on. This enables a broader scope for customers to engage via the channel of their choice for issue resolution.

2. Decreased Routing and Resolution Time with Intelligent Automation

If a customer’s request requires information from many departments, the ServiceNow CSM conducts a cross-company investigation by coordinating with respective departments, traces the root cause of the problem, and finds the solution. The customer need not worry about the routing process, ServiceNow CSM quickly routes the issue to the appropriate expert and finds the solution. This way ServiceNow intelligent automation solutions can benefit businesses to have resolution times reduced by 100 percent by eliminating the silos between critical departments, customer service teams get to the correct information and resolve issues faster than ever.

3. Customized to Preferred Channels

No two customers are the same and neither are their requests or experience across various channels. ServiceNow CSM offers services and experiences that are tailor-made to each customer and device. This increases the business’s ability to offer a more tailored service delivery process. To achieve this, ServiceNow offers self-service options and automates customer requests resolution process through portals and virtual agents or chatbots.

4. Understand Customer Trends with Integrated AI Capabilities

Adding Artificial Intelligence to ServiceNow CSM elevates ServiceNow with intelligent dashboards that use predictive intelligence to study consumer behavior with respect to products and services and then detect the origin of the issue, inform and even advise resolutions even prior to its occurrence. The ServiceNow platform’s Operational Intelligence to proactively detect and notify users on how to handle potential risks in advance. ServiceNow CSM integrated with performance analytics provides a deeper awareness of service trends and can aid in locating common issues to be automated. In case of customer requests demanding information from various departments, The CSM process conducts a cross-company investigation by coordinating with respective departments, traces out the root cause of the problem, and derives the solution. Doing this manually is time consuming and costing process.

5. Offer Better Relationships

ServiceNow Customer Service Management module provides real-time solutions with better visibility and accountability across various business teams by procuring help from diverse business groups of the organization, partners, and customers. Thereby resulting in robust end-to-end customer service.