V-Soft Digital IT Delivery Customer Testimonial

What is Blue222?

Blue222 is an Internet-based platform that allows banks, developers, purchasers, engineering firms, and others involved in real estate transactions to obtain multiple bids from pre-qualified consultants, quickly and efficiently. The services include all types of real estate due diligence, such as environmental inspections, appraisals, asbestos surveys, building inspections, property condition assessments, and lead surveys.

“It tries to solve the cash flow problems of about 60 million independent contractors across the country,” said Alan Grosheider, President and CEO of Blue222.

Blue222’s platform allows them to outsource their accounts receivable, accelerate payments on their invoices and provides a platform where they can be found and hired by other firms. In many ways it serves as a marketplace for independent contractors.     

Working With V-Soft

Grosheider shares his experience of working with V-Soft. He expressed satisfaction with the services V-Soft provides and the way his projects were being handled.

Project management through Jira allows the client to have complete visibility into tasks being performed daily. Grosheider praised V-Soft project managers for their expertise and dedication towards the projects which made him consider them as part of his company. He also praised the offshore programming team for their skills and expertise in handling day-to-day project work.

The combination of motivated and methodical program managers, a talented and hardworking offshore programming team, and the people from the organization, according to Grosheider, is what makes V-Soft stand out from its competitors and the excellent experience has given him the confidence to turn this project into a long-term partnership.

The manufacturing industry thrives on disruptive technologies. Modern technologies present opportunities for manufacturers to automate tasks and processes that were once heavily manual. But it’s not just about automating human labor, it’s about augmenting the way humans perform tasks. Artificial intelligence (AI) is widely used in manufacturing, and the technology will continue to transform the manufacturing industry.

Yet, some businesses are still reluctant to adopt AI. In the recent AI Manufacturing Conference, a panel of experts discussed the challenges, future, and execution of AI in manufacturing. VP of IoT, Analytics and AI, Konrad Konarski moderated the panel. You can watch the recording of the panel discussion above or review the recap below.

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