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Ways ServiceNow HR Automation Solutions Improves Your HR

Businesses are adopting digitalization strategies to transform business processes and functions. To position HR as an active partner, businesses have adopted HR automation. HR automation frees HR teams from many manual tasks and positions HR to meet critical workplace needs and make teams more agile.  To improve enterprise efforts for workforce management, ServiceNow offers an innovative HR automation solution.

1. Centralize All Requests in One HR Portal

One of the biggest challenges for an HR team is answering the same repetitive requests day in and day out. It’s impossible to accomplish more critical responsibilities while handling these repetitive requests.  Disconnected HR systems make this even more challenging.  It is estimated that most HR professionals’ time is spent answering such requests. ServiceNow’s HR automation solution connects HR systems and services under a single employee service center, the HR Portal. This self-service portal enables employees to make all HR requests in a single location, without having to write an email to HR every time. The HR Portal can be accessed on a desktop or mobile device.  ServiceNow also offers chatbot integration to the HR portal. These HR chatbots enable employees to interact in natural language and solves employee requests 24/7 without contacting HR staff.

HR Portal Benefits:

  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Personalize employee interactions
  • Make workflows faster and more intelligent
  • Improve HR-Employee-Organization engagement

2. Improve HR Case and Knowledge Management with Knowledge Articles

Delivering the right information at the right time is critical. To address this need, the ServiceNow HR automation solution offers a case and knowledge management feature that provides a structured approach for HR teams to record employee interactions, plot issues, and standardize solutions in the form of Knowledge Articles. These Knowledge Articles can be used as self-help to employees to solve issues on their own, through chatbots, HR mobile app, or HR desktop portal, without having to contact HR.   Knowledge Articles can also be used to train employees by plotting their skill gaps.

Benefits of knowledge management solutions:

  • Improves service delivery efficiencies
  • Avoids repetitive tasks
  • Improves self-service capabilities
  • Scales employee skills

3. Plot and Predict Trends with Performance Analytics

Data is a crucial part of any business decision. HR systems store tons of passive data. To make HR a more active business partner, it’s imperative for HR teams to have a structured approach to organizing this data, generate analytics, and use this information to streamline HR processes to meet business objectives. ServiceNow’s Automation solution integrates with the powerful Performance Analytics (PA) module. ServiceNow PA analyses data and generates analytics to study trends in a single dashboard. PA uncovers ways to optimize service delivery processes. With this information, ServiceNow PA drives continual service improvement of HR.

4. Automate the Onboarding with Ease

The first impression is the most important impression. For an employee, the onboarding process is the first impression of the company. If this very first interaction is less than ideal, it changes the perception of the company and this could lead to attrition.

Research by Pomeroy Inc. reveals that 32 percent of global executives say the onboarding they experienced was poor.  

The onboarding process is one of the most labour and time intensive-intense HR tasks. Usually, the onboarding process involves employees providing repetitive information in various documents via back and forth emails. This process makes it hard to keep track of documentation and complete tasks quickly.

Replacing the manual onboarding process with an automated solution saves time, money, and a business’s reputation. ServiceNow HR Automation offers a cloud solution that integrates with all HR processes and systems and is accessible to employees and HR staff through any device. ServiceNow makes the employee onboarding process better and easy with simple, by enabling the employees to complete the process by using an onboarding mobile app or chatbot. With this solution, the onboarding process is initiated, the employee fills out the data on his own time and using the device he prefers.  HR can dynamically monitor the status of the onboarding process and can send push notifications to employees for suggestions or reminders. The portal also auto-populate repetitive data.

Integrating a chatbot into the onboarding process can make the process more interactive. HR chatbots can interact with employees in real-time and get data just like a member of the HR staff. Using a chatbot makes the onboarding experience more personal while keeping the efficiency of automation, overall improving employee satisfaction.

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