Healthcare Innovation

Marching toward new-age digital healthcare with game-changing tech.

Solving Healthcare Pain Points

Digital disruption has transformed the healthcare industry and enabled the industry to move towards a technology-enabled, patient-centric model. To improve the quality of health services, organizations are deploying various digital and personalized solutions.

To leverage this trend, V-Soft Digital deploys advanced technologies like AI that can structure data analytics tools and other applications to deliver drive better decisions or improve the quality of healthcare, while streamlining administrative processes.


Automate Tasks

Streamline and transform repetitive, rule-based back office and administrative tasks with RPA and AI to allow administrative staff to focus on more important tasks.


Cloud-Based Seamless Service

Manage and access administrative, enterprise, and patient Electronic Health Records (EHR) data and services through the cloud – anywhere and on any device, quickly and securely.


Data Management

Eliminate data silos with accurate and reliable intelligent data management procedures to drive accurate healthcare decisions and improve patient care.


Patient-Centric Digital Healthcare

Communication channels like mobile apps, chatbots, portals, and telehealth connects doctors with patients and enables easy access to data, healthcare advice and appointment scheduling with ease, elevating the patient experience.


Intelligent Insights

Powered by AI, analytics engines extract meaningful insights from data from various healthcare systems, devices, wearables and more to improve quality of service.


Full-Stack Security

Full-stack security operations continuously monitor, detect and proactively fix issues prior to any disruption or security breach to ensure strong security and compliance.

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