Artificial Intelligence

Whether you’re starting your first proof-of-concept or looking to scale your solution globally, V-Soft Digital is here to help.


V-Soft Digital’s artificial intelligence (AI) service and product offerings enable organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. V-Soft Digital aligns stakeholders, business problems, and future and current IT landscapes to scale and maintain the most relevant AI solutions for your business.

Powerful Partnerships

V-Soft Digital partners with industry leaders to offer top of the line AI solutions.

Our team includes domain experts from our customers’ industries, AI and data science thought leaders, mechanical engineers, software developers, design thinking facilitators and many more.
Konrad Konarski, VP of Analytics, AI and IoT

V-Soft Digital’s AI Solutions for Facility Management


Add AI into your organization seamlessly with comprehensive integrations with Video Management System (VMS) platforms, such as Milestone XProtect and Genetec Omnicast.

Access Control

Implement single or multi-tenant office space control with turnkey hardware, software, and installation using OpenPath.

V-Soft Digital’s Augmented Reality Solutions

Successful augmented reality (AR) solutions extend user-centric design to build solutions that consider the user, the operation, and the IT landscape. Data flows seamlessly from your existing repository into the AR environment. Workflows can be executed successfully without disruption or exemption and a true digital workforce of the future can be realized.

Manufacturing Services

V-Soft Digital’s manufacturing AR solutions provide holographic pane-of-views for part inspection, equipment maintenance, and health and safety procedures.

Field Operations

V-Soft Digital’s in-field solutions combine 5G technology and edge computing with AR to support unique remote worker capabilities.

AR, AI, and Multiverse

By considering the IT and data landscape, the V-Soft Digital team uses AI computer vision to enhance operational experience and Natural Language Processing to accelerate the transition into an AR multiverse from traditional data sources.

V-Soft Digital’s AI Computer Vision Solutions

Reduce the need for expensive hardware processing with computer vision. Create complete AI pipelines that enhance features through preprocessing, maximize understanding through multi-frame/multi-angle analysis, and provide results that are more precise and accurate.

AI Computer Vision for Production Change-Over

V-Soft Digital leverages traditional AI neural networks, vector space spatial analysis, and homograph transformation to provide the leading solution for automated die-plate configuration validation in the industry.

AI Computer Vision for Quality Inspection

V-Soft Digital is disrupting the quality inspection industry by shifting the cost and capability of computer vision. Using AI software, V-Soft Digital removes the need for expensive camera systems and controllers and empowers never-before-seen quality inspection solutions.

AI Computer Vision for Video Analytics

V-Soft Digital empowers a new dimension of understanding using video and imagery that allows organizations to address safety, operational, and customer understanding.

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