Internet of Things

Leverage best-in-breed IoT solutions and platforms to transform and scale business operations.


IoT bridges the physical and digital worlds bringing in new opportunities and providing competitive advantage to businesses that embrace it. V-Soft Digital’s IoT solutions and expertise can collect and analyze data from connected devices, extract business intelligence, and augment automation.

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V-Soft Digital’s Industrial Internet of Things Offerings

Industrial Sensor Technologies

V-Soft Digital’s turn-key offerings are a result of expertise gathered from working in ecosystems of hundreds of sensor technology systems and various wireless platforms including 5G, BLE, 802.11x, SigFox and many others.

Full Stack IoT

V-Soft Digital’s full stack AI and IoT ecosystem brings together IoT endpoints and mechanical simulation inputs from Digital Twins to provide new insights of production lines. Scale operations with V-Soft Digital’s IoT management platform which provides in-depth understanding of assets and real-time overview of operations.

Industrial Analytics Using Neural Networks

The next generation of industrial analytics uses Neural Networks not only to interpret patterns in data and natural language, but also extends its understanding of physical assets by creating virtual sensor outputs that no sensor alone could measure.

Using Software AG’s Cumulocity for Industrial Manufacturing

Cumulocity combines IoT, AI and AR to provide leading global manufacturers with Industry 5.0-driven use cases.

Solving Manufacturing Challenges with Cumulocity

Cumulocity manages the next-generation of multi-modal AI systems to identify defects in products in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

Advantages of Upgrading to Cumulocity

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