Enterprise Cloud

Accelerate transformation from legacy systems to modern cloud platforms.

Accelerate Cloud Revolution

Organizations around the world are seeking increased innovation as they make the shift to digital business. Multi-cloud strategy has become the de facto standard. V-Soft Digital is at the heart of this change with dedicated cloud expertise and a formidable eco system of cloud partners.

Powerful Partnerships

V-Soft Digital is a proud partner of many cloud providers and has credentials, specializations, and close collaboration with all major cloud providers.

Accelerating the Cloud Revolution

V-Soft Digital Cloud Service Offerings

a. As your strategic business partner, V-Soft Digital develops the right strategy to meet its clients’ business needs in order to extract the most value possible from your cloud ecosystem.

Cloud CoE

a. To ensure cloud adoption success, organizations must have the right structure in place including setting up a centralized Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE). V-Soft Digital works with clients to build a centralized governance function that acts in a consultative role for central IT, business-unit IT and cloud services. A CCoE is key to driving cloud-enabled IT transformation.

V-Soft Digital’s Cloud Maturity Model

a. V-Soft Digital’s cloud maturity model achieves business agility and digital transformation. V-Soft Digital’s maturity model is a natural maturity progression for pragmatic and sequenced change, bringing people and technology together.

Delivering Cloud CoE

  • Phased Implementation – adequate time devoted for each phase to ensure appropriate maturity levels are achieved
  • Improved efficiency, additional benefits, and greater ROI with each phase
  • Predictability, transparency, and accountability
  • Business and technical SME’s involved at every stage

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