ServiceNow ITAM

Manage your hardware assets, software licenses, and cloud resources across the
lifecycle to optimize to decision support, spend reduction, and risk avoidance.

ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM) Consultant

Manage Enterprise IT Assets – Software, Hardware, Cloud

IT Asset Management optimizes your business enterprise software, hardware, and subscription costs while reducing risk using automated lifecycle management workflows and current software license packs that leverage and update your native IT Asset database.

ServiceNow Hardware Assets Management (HAM)

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management

Manage all your hardware assets in one place with full lifecycle asset management that includes automatic workflows. Easily reduce tech debt and identify aging assets before they impact your operation.

Cloud Insights

Manage your software licenses and hardware assets with intuitive workflows and life cycle visibility. Reduce costs by rightsizing your cloud resources to match your organization’s usage and by automatically turning off cloud resources during non-working hours.

Empower Cybersecurity

“You cannot adequately protect what you don’t know you have.”

Protect your most critical assets from cyber attacks, breaches, and acts of negligence. Complete, accurate, routinely audited hardware and software asset and configuration provide the DNA of the assets that need protection.

ServiceNow Software Asset Management Team Working

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM)

ServiceNow Software Asset Management

Streamline and manage software assets with a single-architecture SAM solution. Automation and digital workflows feed critical asset data to the business.

Cloud Insights are used to gain greater cost and usage visibility of software and SaaS assets and optimizes license usage of owned software, so you only buy what you need.

SAM mitigates vendor audit risks and maintains compliance, using trustworthy software data for security, procurement, and IT changes.

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