Becoming Duracell’s Innovation Partner – ServiceNow & RPA Testimonial

V-Soft partnered with the leading manufacturer of alkaline batteries, rechargeables, and smart power systems, Duracell to strategize and execute the company’s automation initiatives, utilizing leading technologies such as ServiceNow and Robotic Process Automation.

In the above video, V-Soft worked with Duracell’s Automation Manager. The Automation Manager oversees Duracell’s ServiceNow and UiPath RPA initiatives.  In his current role as service owner of RPA and cognitive AI initiatives, Duracell decided to try out software robots and AI in the spring of 2019.

What Sets Duracell Apart from the Competition?

“Innovation, very strong brand equity and distribution network, excellent customer service, and our people”

How Does V-Soft Make Your Life Easier as an Automation Manager?

“V-Soft is supporting our ServiceNow instances and is heavily involved in new developments and enhancements in regard to ServiceNow. Furthermore, V-Soft provides staffing augmentation, development, support, maintenance, and ad-hoc project work on-demand.”

  • Staffing
  • Development
  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Projects

Why Do You Continue to Work with V-Soft?

“They are always willing and able to go the extra mile to complete the task”

The V-Soft team is:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Flexible
  • Responsible
  • Budget Conscious

Describe What it’s Like Working with V-Soft.

“I have been exposed to V-Soft teams from different areas (ServiceNow, RPA, AI) in different aspect from ideation and advisory to project work and operations…I love their ability to understand Duracell’s needs and objectives. I always have V-Soft in mind when working on or proposing new solutions!”