Quality Assurance

Deliver modern quality engineering to your software applications.


V-Soft Digital provides cutting edge superior assurance service to its clients helping them deliver high quality software solutions. Whether you're developing software or using software in your own business, we can thoroughly test the development and implementation to optimize your solutions.

V-Soft’s Expertise in QA Tools

V-Soft Digital has strong expertise in all cutting-edge open source, COTS DevOps, and Quality Engineering tools.

V-Soft Digital’s Quality Assurance Services

Business Assurance

Deliver business outcomes with business process focused testing.

  • BPT
  • End to End
  • UAT
  • Risk Based Testing
  • Production Validation Testing

Technology Assurance

Deliver end-to-end assurance that covers the entire technology landscape from front-end systems, middleware, databases, cloud, analytics, and IoT.

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Regression Testing

User Experience Assurance

Ensure unmatched customer experience for applications through QA solutions that focus on performance, security, and usability.

  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • ADA Testing
  • UX Testing

Intelligent Assurance

Embed intelligence and automation into testing lifecycle.

  • Automation Testing

V-Soft Digital ITSM Product Expertise

  • Test Strategy
  • Test Management Tools
  • Test Cases
  • Test Data Management
  • Test Plans
  • Defect Management
  • Quality Insights
  • Testing Environments
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Project Methodologies

Business Assurance

Business Process Testing

Verify end-to-end business processes allowing testers, business specialists, and subject matter experts to create tests.

Testing Includes

  • Application Area
  • Business Process
  • Business Flow

End to End Testing

Validate entire software from start to end along with its integration with external interfaces.

Testing Includes

  • Back-End
  • Multi-Tier System
  • Distributed Environment
  • Consistent User Experience

User Acceptance Testing

  • Alpha Testing – Simulating real users by using black box and white box testing techniques
  • Beta Testing – Testing application in real user environment

Risk Based Testing

  • Technical System Test – Testing environment and system
  • Functional System Test – Testing functionalities, features, and modules
  • Non-Functional Test – Testing non-functional requirements

Production Validation Testing

  • Static Testing – Reviews, inspections, and walkthroughs
  • Dynamic Testing – Smoke and regression tests

Technology Assurance

V-Soft Digital’s technology assurance testing covers the entire digital technology stack including social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and IoT technologies to ensure it plays well with the traditional enterprise technology stack.

User Experience Assurance

Performance Testing

V-Soft Digital’s performance testing and engineering services help clients overcome performance testing challenges and deliver future-proof systems in the dynamic world of emerging technologies with high responsiveness, reliability, availability, scalability, and resilience.

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Performance Engineering
  • Client-Side Performance Testing
  • Network Variability
  • Log Analyzer

Security Testing

V-Soft Digital’s security testing offers validation services and solutions with a focus on digital technologies. Using shift-left and DevSecOps, our unique approach for static and dynamic application security testing helps enterprises mitigate security risks early and protect assets from emerging security threats.

  • Static Security Testing
  • Dynamic Security Testing
  • PEN Test
  • Perimeter Testing
  • Devices Security Testing
  • DevSecOps

ADA Testing

V-Soft Digital’s ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) testing service can help customers reach a larger audience, mitigate risks, and meet ADA compliance. Our accessibility testing service provides support to ensure accessibility integration into products and meet the accessibility legal requirements such as Section 508, WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, and ADA standards and guidelines.

  • Perceivable Principles
  • Operable Principles
  • Understandable Principles
  • Robust Principles

UX Testing

V-Soft Digital’s customer experience validation offering helps clients create engaging digital experiences for their customers, employees, and partners. It helps understand the customer journey, identify customers’ interaction points with digital products, and tests the experience across channels, devices, and platforms.

  • Guerilla Testing
  • Internal Usability Testing
  • Remote Usability Testing
  • Contextual Testing
  • Session Recording

UX Assurance – Performance Testing Capabilities

UX Assurance – Security Testing

Center of Excellence (CoE)
Security Testing Life Cycle
Security Testing Life Cycle
Security Focus Areas

UX Assurance – ADA Testing Approach

Principles Guidelines Testing Accessibility Tools
Perceivable Text Alternatives Verify all web elements, especially images and media have meaningful alternative text Screen Readers

  • Andi
  • JAWS
  • NVDA

Color/Contrast Checker

  • Access Color
  • Vischeck

Accessibility Checkers

  • A-Checker
  • TAW
  • Total Validator

Browser Plugins

  • WAVE
  • WAT

Accessibility Insight for Web

Distinguishable Color blindness simulation
Time-Based Media Manual usable testing with and without assistive technologies
Adaptable Markup validation confirming  accessibility standards
Operable Keyboard Accessible Usability testing with keyboard only
Adequate Time Verify that time limits are adjustable especially for Dynamic Content to allow adequate time for consuming the content
Seizures Ensure flash rate is below general flash and red flash thresholds
Navigable Testing with screen reader and keyboard to ensure all elements are identified and are usable
Understandable Readable Content readability verified manually and with Text-to-Speech tools
Predictable Verify common navigation elements are placed in the same location across all pages
Input Assistance Verify that form input fields have adequate text error identification and help
Robust Compatible Compatibility testing across supported browsers, operating systems, and assistive technologies


User Experience Assurance – UX Testing

V-Soft Digital delivers “NextGen’ UX testing, devoted to creating great experience for people who use products, services, and apps.

Intelligent Assurance – Unified Automation Framework

Intelligent Assurance – Golden Copy Test Data

Shifting Testing to Left

Delivering Quality Engineering with SDETs

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