Food and Beverage Innovation

Optimize all parts of the food and beverage production cycle from field to fork.

Proactive and Intelligent Service Delivery

To prosper in the era of tech-savvy customers, businesses in the food and beverage industry are largely adopting technology solutions like cloud, AI, IoT and RPA to solve the industry’s toughest challenges. V-Soft Digital has the tools and expertise to help your business streamline operations and enhance customer experience with advanced technology.

Field to Fork Transformation


Supply Chain Transparency

Provide full product transparency to customers with a fully digitized supply chain using advanced integrations.


Competitor Analytics

Employ AI analytics tools to gain insights on the competition to create a strategic roadmap and adapt to market conditions.


Delivery On-Demand

Customers expect to order anything when and where they want it. Offer an omnichannel experience with mobile solutions.


Cold Chain Solutions

Never let temperature-sensitive products go to waste with complete supply chain IoT and analytics solutions.


Consumer Health Trends

Stay in line with customer-driven trends like the current immunity and health product preferences.


Customer Behavior

Uncover customer behavior trends with data sourced from computer vision systems in stores and restaurants.

Field to Fork Streamlined

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