Food and Beverage Innovation

Optimize the entire food and beverage production cycle from field to fork.

Answering the Food and Beverage Industry’s Biggest Challenges

As innovation paves the way for a more connected supply chain and improved digitization of services, business can use key technologies to answer the industry’s toughest challenges, increasing revenue and gaining staying power for the future.

End-To-End Food and Beverage Solutions

At V-Soft Digital, we offer 360-degree solutions to customers all across the food and beverage spectrum, from farming and
manufacturing, to food processing, delivery, and customer insights.

What’s Driving the Food and Beverage Market?

The influences driving food and beverage market trends have changed drastically over the years, and the only way to keep up and stay competitive is to adopt advanced technology solutions.

Traditional Drivers
  • Price
  • Taste
  • Convenience
New Drivers
  • Price
  • Taste
  • Convenience

The Industry’s Biggest Challenges


Consuming on Demand

In Tune with Immune

Competitor Analytics

How V-Soft Digital is Transforming Customer Operations

Create Transparency

Supply Chain Transparency

“Food and beverage companies must invest more in monitoring their suppliers to maintain product quality and meet demand.”

It’s more important than ever for brands to up their transparency game, from sharing clean label ingredients to ethical and responsible ingredient sourcing. However, it can be challenging to engage with suppliers and validate production of food – ethical ingredients and sourcing -- to conform to consumer preferences and product specifications.

Transform Farming Data

V-Soft Digital can provide full product transparency to customers with a fully digitized supply chain using advanced integrations.

The inspection, qualification, and certification processes are digitalized to ensure data is immediately accessible, unlikely to be tampered with, and subject to minimal manual processing.

Minimize Demand and Quality Risk with Analytics

Data acquisition is critical at every point in the supply chain. Structured and unstructured data is used to assess risk with quality and demand, much before the final product is complete.

Consuming on Demand

Consumers expect to eat what they want, when and where they want it.

Convenient meal solutions and restaurant-branded products have brought dine-in tastes to home cooking. Food manufacturers must address convenience, richer experiences, and accessible indulgence by offering an omnichannel experience with mobile solutions for delivery, customer service and marketing.

Delivering the Ultimate Omnichannel Experience

Real-Time Personalization

Streamlined shopping cart data is extremely valuable. Ecommerce sites use this data to implement product recommendations, channel retargeting (shopping cart abandonment), and customer journey analytics.

An average shoppers spend no more than a few minutes on a site, and businesses must deliver superior experiences in this short timeframe.

In Tune with Immune

Real-Time Personalization

“Immunity-boosting ingredients will play a significant role for the coming year, while research and interest in the role of the microbiome and personalized nutrition as ways to strengthen immunity will accelerate.”

Stay in line with customer-driven trends, like the current immunity and health product preferences, accelerated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Customer Demographics

Food and beverage processors use demographics to find out what ingredients and formulations they'll need as food preferences continue to evolve. Marketing departments reshape their strategies based on demographic and behavioral data.

Effective Analytics

Effective use of analytics will enable companies to benefit from key trends. V-Soft Digital’s data engineering allows businesses to make better decisions across the value chain.

Competitor Analytics

Real-Time Personalization

Stay Ahead of the Competition Employ AI analytical tools to gain insights on the competition and create a strategic roadmap to adapt to market conditions.

Four Ps of Marketing:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

If companies can measure price, place, and promotion of their competitors and market trends, they can maintain and expand their market share.

Act on Analytics

Monitoring the competition’s pricing strategies, shelf placements, and in-store advertisements will empower companies to be proactive by augmenting retail strategy at the first sign of a competitive threat.

Cold Chain Solutions

Never let temperature-sensitive products go to waste with complete supply chain IoT and analytics solutions.

Handling temperature-sensitive products, whether you’re shipping, transporting, or delivering, is easier when monitoring devices are involved.

The Digital Difference

1.    Create targeted notifications using customizable temperature requirements, variance thresholds, and alert settings
2.    Share tracking and temperature data with customers
3.    Proactively intervene when load temperatures fall above or below thresholds, minimizing lost product and wasted travel time

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