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Top 5 Software AG Products and Services for Innovative Businesses

What are Software AG products and what do they do?

Software AG is a leading provider of enterprise software for digital enterprises, providing software for digital transformation, digital business applications, and digital workplace technologies. Software AG enables companies to build digital businesses that are more agile, more efficient, and more customer centric. The company’s software runs in the cloud, on-premises, and on a hybrid infrastructure. Here’s a quick look at some of Software AG’s most groundbreaking and popular offerings. Integration

Software AG’s WebMethods software platform connects applications, systems, and partners through APIs, integration, and microservices. This allows companies who don’t host their core systems in the cloud the ability to innovate and accelerate digital transformation initiatives by integrating disparate applications into a cohesive solution. For example, you can create a note on an application like Evernote and translate it into Spanish through Google Translate and send the translated text to your Gmail account.

Cumulocity: How IoT Gets Done

Embedded sensors and connected devices are collecting unbelievable amounts of data every second. It’s hard to keep up with that amount of data when placed in a dashboard or database. With IoT, there’s a big opportunity to gain insight into the generated information and make real-time decisions, which is where Cumulocity comes in. The Cumulocity platform includes an open IoT platform that can quickly extend beyond IT without requiring knowledge of the complexities of IoT. Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform quickly connects devices and sensors to integrate and analyze generated data, making IoT insights accessible across an organization for greater business impact. The platform helps create business models, enhance operational efficiency and improve customer experience.

Illustration of Software AG IoT Cumulocity Framework

ARIS: Business Process Transformation

ARIS is designed to analyze and manage end-to-end business processes with the ability to function as a business process automation (BPA) or management tool. ARIS provides simple, actionable insights into activities, processes, products, and services to help management better understand how their strategy carries over into the execution of everyday operations. The program also helps managers align strategy across departments using ARIS real-time visualization through a scorecard dashboard.

Illustration of Software AG ARIS Workflow

Alfabet: IT Planning and Management

Alfabet enhances IT planning, portfolio, and enterprise architecture management. Alfabet helps companies make investment decisions in IT. It understands current IT investments and works with clients who need help planning for the future. [KT1] 

  • Alfabet Product Suite: Monitor and manage IT portfolios in a unified dashboard including demands, applications, technologies, projects, finances and risks.
  • Alfabet Cloud: Available in Alfabet Enterprise and Alfabet FastLane depending on budget and maturity, Alfabet Cloud combines superior cloud technology with IT Portfolio management expertise.
Illustration of Software AG’s Alphabet services

Apama: Transformation of Big Time Data into Real-time Metrics

Apama is a product that provides real-time analytics and actions on streaming data. It’s especially useful if the business is dependent upon the Internet of Things (IoT). Apama is one of the most complete solutions available to take raw data and turn it into meaningful metrics about what’s happening in real-time. Apama provides a comprehensive suite of tools that helps clients bring their data-driven strategies and real-time insights to tangible results. These technologies, when united, allow customers to reduce latency and extract intelligence from their data with automation. With Apama’s analytics platform, clients can turn their data into something meaningful.

The Bottom Line

Modern problems need modern solutions. Likewise, new-age businesses need solutions built around their needs. Software AG’s products do it right by offering innovative solutions to the digital world. They provide services to businesses, digital enterprises, industries, and the public sector. Software AG’s wide range of products will help businesses thrive in the digital economy.

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