Business Events

Take action in real time with contextual event processing to improve direction and enable growth.


Make critical decisions faster with real-time intelligence by building Complex Event Processing (CEP) into company processes. Gather observations about strengths, weaknesses and everything in between, ultimately leading to better processes and direction.

Complex event and message processing identifies and analyzes cause-and-effect relationships among various events in real-time, allowing personnel to proactively take action in response to specific scenarios.

V-Soft Digital’s Events-Driven Benefits

Real-Time data from hundreds of sources

Minimized decision

Continuous feedback

Increased collaboration between teams

Delivering Events-Driven Systems

V-Soft Digital delivers events-driven architectures that allow organizations to achieve a flexible system that adapts to changes and makes decisions in real time. Real-time situational awareness means business decisions, whether manual or automated, can be made using data that reflects the current state of all systems.

V-Soft Digital's Business Events Services

Shift from SOA to EDA

Migrate organizations from a data at rest (SOA) model to a events-driven model. Shift from accumulating data in data lakes to focus on data in flight – managing data from place to place.

Audit with Ease

An events-driven and rules-based mechanism track and traces lifecycles and identifies missing events.

Event Process Orchestration

Orchestrate events-driven processing by combining a number of rules and/or decision tables to deliver key business process orchestration.

Match Event Patterns

Establish relationships across event streams through patterns such as sequencing, duplication detection, storage, forwarding, and others

Events-Driven Architecture

Here's an example of an events-driven architecture for a financial company, that V-Soft Digital delivered.

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