Data Engineer working on Data Lakes to Streamline and Organize Data.

Breaking Data Silos and Maximizing Data Value with Data Lakes


V-Soft Digital worked with a large US-based retail company that was struggling to make agile decisions quickly. The organization struggled because their data was being stored in many separate locations and they were relying on older technologies and legacy systems to organize, store, and analyze that data.


The data, systems, platforms, and operations were fragmented into numerous silos, rendering it difficult to gain valuable insights including from unstructured and semi-structured data. The client also lacked the tools to handle larger data sets and was unable to get a unified view of sources and data types.

To reduce cost and improve efficiency, it had become imperative to move to an IT platform that is cloud-driven, consumption-based, and service-oriented.

The V-Soft Digital objective was to provide the client with a solution that stretched across the enterprise from the data center, to the edge, to the cloud.


V-Soft Digital deployed a real-time intelligence platform for ingesting, structuring, and analyzing data.

  • Assembled structured and unstructured data into optimal formats
  • Created a single point of access to all data, providing access to operational and business-unit teams
  • Rapidly mapped data sources to canonical data models
  • Protected users and customers with strong data privacy management and data security
  • Explored and queried data interactively across platforms
  • Implemented an ethical data framework with modern cloud architecture


  • Achieved 70% faster onboarding process with a simplified data ingestion that made it easy to blend data from multiple channels.
  • Increased speed of pipeline development, scaling and real-time data handling by 50% with integrated and extensible data pipelines.
  • Delivered precise accessibility, major security and resolved compliance issues with granular level access control.

Tech Applied

Latest Thinking

According to Gartner by 2021, enterprises using a cohesive strategy incorporating data hubs, lakes and warehouses will support 30% more use cases than their competitors.

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