V-Soft Digital Chief Technology Officer, Sanjay Kommera, speaking at a client event

Why V-Soft Digital – Going All In On Digital Transformation

My vision throughout my career has always been to help companies, the clients I serve, do more with less. The power of today’s technology landscape is often overlooked by leaders as they simply are not aware of all they can accomplish if they identify, understand, and adopt the most recent technological advances. Here I hope to share with you a few of the reasons why I feel V-Soft Digital is a compelling partner for any organization in their quest for efficiency, growth, and leading their industry.

Engineer, Operate, Strategize

Our approach at V-Soft Digital is quite unique as we focus on our clients’ challenges from a different perspective than most of our competitors. At the foundation of our approach is our service structure to Engineer the solution, Operate on the delivery and continually Strategize to uncover new areas of innovation for our clients.

  • Engineer:  Innovate with digital solutions to build next-gen intelligent platforms that empower service delivery
  • Operate: Accelerate Time to Market with delivery-centric models
  • Strategize: Deliver an innovative strategy for your business, built on strategic collaboration and a people-centric approach


Only about 30% of digital transformation efforts succeed. Going digital is a complex process with many internal and external pressures. Organizations need to understand what transformation entails, avoid the pitfalls, and carefully consider each facet of digital transformation.

I am often asked to define “being digital.” Well, it doesn’t have a single, clear definition. At V-Soft, “being digital” means to look at our clients’ business models in two parts: the market demand model and execution model. The market demand model includes products and services a company offers and the market and customer segments it serves. The execution model includes how well our customers deliver to the end users with people, culture, processes, systems, and technology and more importantly with data and insights. The right digital platform for businesses can offer seamless, intelligent connectivity across all enterprise systems. These platforms have become the basis for innovation, allowing companies to stay competitive.

To accelerate digital transformation for our customers, our engineering services are deliberately built to combine broader sets of capabilities including, customer experience platforms, secured APIs and gateways, systems integration, data engineering, business process mining/automation, enterprise analytics, AI, IoT, enterprise security and cloud engineering.

How We Do It – Our Differentiators    

We believe in sustainable innovation and continuous delivery of new features. Our experts draw on strategy and research to link data to design, systems to stories and insights to outcomes by following the below core principles.

Expose the Root Cause of Business Challenges – We deploy our technology experts with a deep understanding of modern technologies, applications, infrastructure, security, operations, industry domains and human-centric design to understand a business’s increasing demands and challenges.

Design an Experience that Meets Customers Wherever They Are – Our experts deliver experience-led solutions across the touchpoints that matter most. Our approach toward customer experience is centered around human experiences and understanding the drivers of consumer preference and the ability to meet those preferences across channels.

Develop and Implement Flexible Architectures that Deliver Rapid Value – We put our customers ahead of the curve by building business-centric, tailored application architectures and solutions with cutting-edge technologies that are both nimble and future-proof. We believe in “smart” development techniques with high-speed application development and enhancement, industrialized through automation, IPs, open source, low-code/no-code principles and third-party technology stacks in order to increase Time to Market.

Turn Maintenance into an Asset for Continuous Innovation – Behind every great experience is a great workflow. We are premier partners to ServiceNow, delivering a new era of experiences that works for everyone. We have deployed AI centric automation solutions, assessing customer incidents, and recommending solutions that reduce ongoing maintenance and reoccurring issues. We gather customer experience data for further analysis to glean insights and deliver continuous innovation for superior customer experience.

Customer Centric Innovation Investment – I know innovation is an overused word, leading to a misunderstanding of what is needed to innovate, but at V-Soft, we are delivering results. Our innovation arm has delivered solutions on food delivery with drones, early defect detection in manufacturing, employee safety with computer vision, AI for industrial manufacturing, cold chain tracking with IoT, with many more in the prototyping stages.

Manufacturing operator using augmented reality headset to complete maintenance.

Our Partners

We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Strategic alliances with the world’s leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

V-Soft Digital is proud to partner with industry-leading technology providers to deliver the ultimate digital transformation solutions


Our development Centers of Excellence allow our clients to scale up and scale out their operations confidently. By working with our delivery teams, change becomes the most dynamic and powerful source of progress our customers make. With dedicated delivery centers in the U.S., Canada and India, our teams are available around the clock for our customers. Powered by low TCO-centric operating models, we are focused on delivering a 360-degree view of operations so our customers can navigate business challenges, lower costs, and increase efficiency and productivity.

The key differentiator from our low TCO-centric operating models to other models is delivering ways to balance longer-term objectives such as innovation with cost savings. Working with our customers, we are evolving our operational models into a “one team” approach with a global presence to enhance our customers’ business growth in other regions.

We implement integration flexibility and agility to drive operational improvements with predictability and reliability. The goal is to deliver programs and projects with improved efficiency, reduced Total Cost of Ownership, and minimal risk. Application development services are augmented with a flexible model to rapidly address spikes in demand and/or specialized skills for strategic projects.

Below is depiction of our delivery model.

V-Soft Digital delivery model for advanced technology implementations.


We draw on insights about customers, business and operating models, and organizations in re-envisioning strategy with a digital lens to gain velocity and create a game changing approach.

Our key differentiators, driving customers to clear and systematic digital transformation are:

  • Providing deep, cross-industry expertise and a courageous point of view to help customers break through barriers and forge a clear path forward.
  • Partnering with customers to define and answer their most strategic business questions and delivery bold strategic and forward-looking vision.
  • Setting strategies in motion that unify business and technology architectures, generate growth, and enable competitive advantages.
  • Delivering mission-critical cybersecurity programs to anticipate, detect, deter, and address any threat to a client’s business—quickly and carefully—to protect their people, data and assets.

Cybersecurity is not just a priority for us and our customers. We create cybersecurity solutions tailored to our customers’ specific business needs. We defend against cyberattacks with proactive, focused, industry-relevant threat intelligence to give our customers the confidence that comes from knowing their business is secure.


Digital transformation helps an organization keep up with emerging customer demands and therefore survive in the future. On behalf of the entire V-Soft Digital, we are excited to offer our customers the most advanced technology-led transformations in the industry and drive our customers into the modern age of agile delivery, DevOps, enterprise integration, data engineering, analytics, AI and IoT.

About the Author – Sanjay Kommera

Sanjay Kommera is a strategic senior technology executive with proven success in delivering cutting-edge solutions in alignment with business strategy – utilizing far-sighted vision with exceptional innovation abilities to modernize business operations, minimize technology risks, bolster competitive edge, and dramatically enhance customer satisfaction. You can connect with Sanjay on LinkedIn, here.