How to Boost Your ServiceNow ROI?

How Companies Can Boost ROI After ServiceNow Implementation

ServiceNow has been providing several services to thousands of businesses and assisting them in increasing productivity by streamlining their system processes. ServiceNow offers a high range of IT solutions that can address the needs of different departments within an organization including IT, HR, customer service, marketing, security, legal & finance and many more.

Companies recognize ServiceNow as a critical infrastructure component for digitizing workflows and delivering remarkable experiences to both customers and staff. There are many businesses which are willing to adopt ServiceNow to enhance their productivity and overall progress. But due to limited capabilities for ServiceNow maintenance, some businesses find it hard to achieve optimal Return of Investment (ROI). However, companies can follow the best practices to evaluate and boost ROI of their ServiceNow-based platforms.

Estimate You ROI

One of the most important tasks to do is to estimate your Return on Investment (ROI) which is a “Key Performance Metric” (KPI) which all businesses should use for tracking their ROI closely. Businesses can measure ROI by using clean, exchangeable data. This entire process involves keeping an eye on and recording each and every significant, quantifiable data point over distinct time periods as it occurs.

Enterprises can execute a calculated process that helps define various tasks and identifies the role of each task for the overall business objective. It is important to understand the task inputs as well as outputs, but also understand how these tasks can benefit the entire enterprise. In order to calculate the approximate ROI, ServiceNow provides its customers a business value calculator to help them.

Maximizing ROI

Effectively using the ServiceNow platforms is one of the keys and first logical steps towards increasing the ROI, as it also helps in managing the operational costs of a business. However, let’s uncover some of the practices that can help your business maximize ServiceNow platform ROI.


A majority of businesses already have a system in place to deal with customer complaints, but ServiceNow offers tools that enhance responses and resolutions. ServiceNow cannot, however, automatically create a customer service strategy unique to a given business. It needs human assistance instead, like that of a chosen implementation partner. To make the most of the implementation, departments might begin by evaluating the current service process and determining their business needs.

Execute by Phase

To make it easier to evaluate all connections and dependencies between ServiceNow products and processes during implementation, businesses should opt for a phase-wise deployment approach.

Work On Timeline

During the planning phase, businesses should define their short- and long-term goals, as well as develop a timetable for the platform and assess the technology that is currently in use.

Align Everything

The success of ServiceNow depends on more than just a smooth implementation, and technology is just one aspect of the overall process. Customer service and customer experience quality are significantly impacted by how well people and processes align with ServiceNow solutions. To make sure that every step of the customer service process is coordinated, organizations may start by defining and evaluating goals.

Re-evaluate Strategy

To fully utilize a ServiceNow implementation, it is essential to evaluate the customer service process and the corresponding role of the ServiceNow platform. Organizations must update their processes and technologies to keep up with the constant changes in business and customer services.

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