Benefits of ServiceNow and Celonis Integration

ServiceNow Partners with Celonis for Next-level Process Mining Integration

ServiceNow has been a leader in transforming workflows across an organization, from IT processes and customer service, to operations, HR and virtually every department in between. For years, ServiceNow has led the digital transformation revolutions for enterprise. ServiceNow recently announced it would elevate its offering even more by partnering with Celonis, an Execution Management System (EMS). The partnership will utilize ServiceNow’s low-code capabilities in combination with Celonis’ process mining expertise to further expand a company’s ability for process optimization. Here we look into the new partnership and how it can benefit your business.

What is Celonis?

Celonis is a pioneer of process mining, the ability to identify which business’ processes are best suited for automation and optimization. Celonis is a global execution management platform founded in 2011.

Benefits of the Celonis/ServiceNow Integration

By combining the power of Celonis process mining with the seamless workflows of ServiceNow, IT agents and managers can be more effective decision makers and problems solved more efficiently, thanks to the power of automation and intelligent predictions. Additional outcomes of the integration:

  • Gain insight into the root causes behind high costs and delays in IT operations
  • Understand the capacity of a business’ IT processes
    • How well agents follow processes
    • Where issues/requests get stuck in the process
    • How different steps contribute to Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Generate next-best actions to keep IT agents and managers working effectively
  • Identify patterns and root causes behind key metrics like NPS, SLAs and resolution time


Use Case

The Celonis/ServiceNow integration solves some of the key challenges of IT automation. For example, ServiceNow is one of the leading platforms for process automation, but the platform can’t easily tell stakeholders which process should be automated first, which automation strategy will yield the highest ROI, or which process will be the easiest to automate. Celonis creates visualization of gaps and root causes that have biggest impact on IT process KPIs.


Step 1: Celonis will…

  • Discover automation potential with process mining and task mining
  • Prioritize automation tasks by business outcomes
  • Evaluate what-if scenarios with no-code, drag-and-drop design studio


Step 2: ServiceNow will…

“ServiceNow and Celonis are joining forces to help companies liberate business from decades-long process bottlenecks, integration challenges, and workforce frustration,” said ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott.

According to the partnership announcement, the companies will release joint solutions in 2022.

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