Applications Integration

Share data and content with internal systems, customers, partners, and third-party developers for seamless connectivity.


Innovative, digital businesses connect all systems and data sources in a single, trusted view for actionable insights, decisions, and efficient business processes.

Powerful Partnerships

V-Soft Digital is a proud partner of leading integration platforms and tools. Our technical expertise and experience allow us to offer the most appropriate solutions for your specific integration needs.

Software AG

We believe in ‘connected experiences’ and deliver tightly integrated solutions that connect data and systems, APIs, ESBs, legacy systems, modern applications, IoT devices, and blockchain with enterprise analytics.

How V-Soft Digital Accelerates Connections

Reusable Assets

Build integrations, transform data automatically, and plug integrations into CI/CD pipeline.

Purpose-Built Tools

Address application integration needs, add additional capabilities, and integrate as other needs arise.

Build Reusable Applications

Deploy applications anywhere – when and where it makes sense for the business.

Gain Real-Time

Govern integrations to understand their health with pre-built and custom policies.

Scale with

Ensure integrations are running fast and can scale operations up and down.


Leverage out-of-the-box features from industry-leading products to up/downstream applications.

Use Multi-Tenant Architecture

Allow all users to interact with systems using a common, web-based user interface.

Automated Security

Provide automatic and threat protection at every layer.

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