Business Process Mining

Discover and visualize all business processes across the enterprise for greater process transparency and optimization with ground-breaking Process Mining platforms.

Analyzing Processes to Optimize

The best decision is a well-informed decision. However, obtaining information about processes can be difficult, time consuming and involves analyzing data from many different IT systems.

V-Soft Digital analyzes your operations' process data in real-time using highly efficient algorithms, contributing to an end-to-end operational intelligence strategy.

Powerful Partnerships

V-Soft Digital is a proud Premier Partner of Celonis and Software AG with our industry expertise and access to the leading process mining software, we can identify the top process to automate and create immediate ROI.

Process Mining Technology

Full Transparency

Actual process flows are visualized in real time.

Digital Footprints

Process mining finds and reconstructs digital workflows.


Every workflow is supported by IT systems like SAP.

Process Mining Benefits

  • Gain a transparent view of enterprise business processes
  • Identify any process deviations or weaknesses
  • Measure and control business processes
  • Remedy cost-intensive or inefficient processes
  • Create benchmark of as-is and to-be processes
  • Optimize, harmonize, and standardize processes
  • Enable higher process quality and reliability
  • Identify non-compliant processes at first glance
  • Optimize throughput times
  • Reduce manual interventions

Cross-Industry, Cross-Process Solution

Process mining benefits every industry across all departments.




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