Quebec Release ServiceNow

Explore IT Workflows Enhancements in ServiceNow Quebec Release

ServiceNow introduces new versions of its platform with new features and enhancements to help its clients meet new challenges. In keeping with its tradition of naming its releases after major cities, the Q1 2021 release is named Quebec. The ServiceNow Quebec release brings with it a plethora of new features and enhancements to help businesses deploy digital workflows to integrate systems and people and embrace digital transformation. The Quebec release further simplifies the creation of workflows, processes and interfaces making it easier for organizations to adopt it without being concerned about expertise and resources. In this blog, we will focus on the enhancements of the Quebec introduced in various ServiceNow modules.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

By upgrading to the ServiceNow Quebec release, clients can use a single cloud-based platform to manage and deliver IT services through scalable workflows provided by the ServiceNow ITSM solution. With platform-native AI, IT agents’ productivity can increase noticeably as the recommended actions for requests and tickets can be automated with AI. This solution can also leverage chatbots for self-service and automated resolution of incidents.

  • Workforce Optimization – This feature can be used for managing teams and agents’ productivity using the comprehensive visibility it provides into the performance of the team.
  • Virtual Agents – VAs automate routine steps for faster resolution of incidents and eliminate human errors. It also helps free up agents from service desks to focus on high priority tasks rather than repetitive ones.
  • Process Optimization – This feature creates a visual representation of process flows providing increased visibility into processes. This helps identify and prevent bottlenecks.

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

The Quebec version of ITOM provides increased visibility into infrastructure and services and improves the company’s operational agility by preventing outages as well as improving the quality of services.

  • Predictive AIOps – Using current and historical data, AI can be used to detect issues before they begin to impact the user and intelligently recommend how to resolve these issues effectively.
  • Machine Learning for Service Mapping – Service Mapping is simplified by employing embedded machine learning which helps gain greater visibility as well as drastically reduces the time required to map services.

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM formerly ITBM)

The latest ServiceNow Quebec enhancements help IT Business Management deliver products and services that are in line with the organization’s priorities.

  • PPM Collaboration – ServiceNow Virtual Agent for PPM can now be used to discover required information. ServiceNow projects can be synced and integrated with Microsoft Teams and Slack to better collaborate and resolve issues. With real-time project status updates through the ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams integration or Slack channel, project communication is quick and seamless.
  • Scenario Planning for PPM – This application provides a centralized location to simulate multiple investment scenarios and approve the best one. It also optimizes budgets and resources and brings enhanced visibility.


ServiceNow DevOps helps companies innovate, speed up product deliveries and keep up with the competition.

  • Flexible Change – This new feature creates, tracks and updates changes without halting the pipeline by a simple change registration.
  • Onboarding Help – Using CLI and API, DevOps teams can be added to the ServiceNow ecosystem to enable service catalogue support.

With the enhancements created in the ServiceNow Quebec release, businesses can have more seamless workflows throughout departments and take advantage of user-friendly advanced technology like AI and Machine Learning. At this point, it is clear: ServiceNow is the leading SaaS company and acts as a platform of all platforms to help work, work better for everyone.