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How ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence Enhances Service Delivery Capabilities

ServiceNow has always been at the forefront of innovation. Understanding how artificial intelligence and its subsets can transform various business areas, ServiceNow added machine learning capabilities to the platform in the form of Predictive Intelligence. ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence brings the power of AI in applications like ITSM, HR Service Delivery, Customer Service Management, and Event Management to further enhance service delivery efficiencies.

What is ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence?

ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence formerly known as Agent Intelligence uses machine learning solutions. It provides a layer of artificial intelligence that makes predictions and recommends related records based on user inputs. As a subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning uses statistical techniques to enable the ServiceNow platform to learn from a vast amount of enterprise data.

With the help of Predictive Intelligence, ServiceNow can categorize, route and assign work based on user input. The solutions are prepared by taking thousands of historical records and basing them on newly prepared solutions. Predictive Intelligence improves accuracy and decreases the resolution.

Benefits of ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence

1. Enhances Business Efficiency

ServiceNow predictive intelligence enables businesses with the flexibility to train predictive models with machine learning solutions that are oriented to your business objectives. This way businesses get reliable information which allows the organization to exceed expectations and increasing customer satisfaction.

2. Avoids Human Error

It is estimated by ServiceNow research that “43% of IT service desk respondents have more than 100 different assignment groups to choose from and nearly a quarter face a choice from more than 300 groups.” To err is human and manual processes are time-consuming. Predictive intelligence automates service desk processes with more accuracy and in less time while providing insights from the data it collects.

3. Provides Simple and Insightful Visualizations

With interactive and insightful reports, dashboards and SLAs, Predictive Intelligence provides better insights into various IT processes and performance all with easy to understand visuals that make it easy to make the right business decision.

4. Automates Routing and Categorizing

Automatically categorizes and routes work based on past data. Handling high volumes of incoming requests at lower costs.

ServiceNow Predictive Roles

Admin ml_admin and ml_report_user roles are required to work with the Predictive Intelligence application.


To start using Predictive Intelligence with the Now Platform, you must follow these steps.

  • Activate the predictive Intelligence(glide.platform_ml)) plugin and its dependent reporting(com.glide.platform_ml_pa) plugin.
  • Confirm the activation has successfully created a “sharedservice.worker” user
  • Maintain a minimum of ten thousand records for the training of a good solution to prepare/predict the accurate solution.

Predictive Intelligence Frameworks

Three main frameworks are required for Predictive Intelligence.

1. Predictive Intelligence Classification Framework

The Predictive Intelligence Classification Framework is supervised learning which uses the machine learning algorithm to set a field value during record creation, such as setting an incident category based on a short description. By training the models, it automatically categorizes and routes the work-based on previous records. The minimum number of records needed in the classification framework is ten thousand.

2. Predictive Intelligence Similarity Framework

Predictive Intelligence Similarity Framework provides a vocabulary that compares the new incident record with the previous record. To do this, it uses a “word corpus.” The word corpus is a collection of words and text which Predictive Intelligence uses to learn similarity to help the agent find similar records.

 3.Predictive Intelligence Clustering Framework

Predictive Intelligence Clustering Framework groups similar records into clusters by addressing them collectively.  This helps to quickly detect and discover major incidents relative to historical performance.

Figure: Predictive Intelligence Clustering Framework

New Predictive Intelligence Features in ServiceNow Orlando

The latest ServiceNow Orlando release comes with some interesting updates for the Predictive Intelligence module.

  • In ServiceNow New York release, English was the only processing language. But the Orlando release has international languages such as Brazilian-Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.
  • Customized Stopwatch was added to improve the capability to categorize, compare and to create clusters.
  • Configuring Team Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF) has been encoded for classification and similar solutions.
  • Configuring the target metrics with DBSCAN can be configured to improve the precision in the clustering solution.
  • The updated API framework allows users to incorporate machine learning which finds records faster based on similar words.

About the Author

G. Nagasai works as a ServiceNow Developer at V-Soft and she has overall 3 years of IT experience. She is certified as a ServiceNow Administrator. She has thorough knowledge in IT Service Management (ITSM) and Service Portal implementations aspects. Apart from this is well versed with JavaScript and Oracle too.