How ServiceNow Solves the Biggest Customer Service Challenges

For improved customer service quality, businesses must offer faster resolution times and superior customer experience. ServiceNow CSM, an omnichannel support system, offers an innovative approach to customer service management with capabilities that are agile, interconnected, and intelligent. In today’s world, where customer service requests come from all platforms at any given time, with varying complexity, ServiceNow CSM is the most comprehensive solution. ServiceNow CSM offers various features and supporting capabilities to solve various customer service challenges and improve customer experiences.

1. Intelligent Customer Issue Routing

ServiceNow CSM’s omnichannel capacity gives customers the power to choose their channel of communication, whether that be a chatbot, mobile app, CSM portal, and so on. ServiceNow CSM uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to identify the type of request, topics, and category. From there, a ticket is created and routed to the right expert. ServiceNow CSM automatically classifies, prioritizes, and assigns customer requests effectively. This reduces repetitive tasks, reduces response times, and allows agents to focus on more work.

2. Improved Connectivity Across Departments

In some cases, service issues may require information from various departments, which increases the resolution time and annoys customers. This is one of the major challenges agents face. ServiceNow CSM performs a cross-company investigation, outlines the core source of the issue, and derives the solution. This way ServiceNow CSM improves connectivity across business departments to reduce resolution time.

3. Self-Service Capabilities

Most issues are repetitive or can be easily solved by the customer if they have the right information. ServiceNow CSM analytics offers an in-depth understanding of service trends to pinpoint common issues to be automated. To reduce issue resolution time and empower the customer, ServiceNow comes with a strong self-service ecosystem called Knowledge Management, which facilitates information sharing in the knowledge base. The ServiceNow Knowledge Base offers a wide range of solutions to frequent problems through knowledge articles. If a customer raises a request that the platform knows is a common issue, it can send a self-help knowledge article for the customer to use to solve the issue on their own.

Common Customer Service Questions that can be Automated:

  • Where is my package?
  • I have a question about my refund.
  • How can I log into my account?
  • What is my gift card or credit card balance?
  • I need to change my order or reschedule.

4. Multi-Channel Communication

ServiceNow CSM offers multi-channel communication for customers to interact with businesses at their convenience; anytime, on any device or platform (web portal, chatbot, mobile app, or in a combination of three).

Navigating a complex customer service portal can be confusing for customers. That’s where the customer service chatbot comes in. A single chatbot can handle any number of requests and offer tailored solutions instantly. Once the customer submits the request, the chatbot automatically takes care of the routing process and updates the customer with any progress. The chatbot can also suggest knowledge articles for self-service or route complex or escalated requests to human agents. Using ServiceNow’s predictive intelligence capabilities, customer behavior is analyzed and chatbot interactions become more personalized over time.