Two coworkers working on laptop in private room they booked with ServiceNow Workplace Reservation.

ServiceNow San Diego: Spotlight on Employee and Customer Experience

ServiceNow has been innovating the future of enterprise applications ever since the term “cloud” was coined. Their new San Diego release comprises of new products and applications along with a few features and fixes to existing products. The ServiceNow San Diego release has key features to improve Customer and Employee experience.

Improving Customer Experience

Updates to Customer Service Management

ServiceNow is known for offering next-level customer support solutions, connecting customers service department with the rest of the organization to solve customer issues. Customer satisfaction is assured when issues are resolved quickly and accurately. San Diego’s CSM deployed a Configurable Workspace. The CSM Configurable Workspace simplifies an agent’s workflow and improves productivity. It lets agents capture, track, monitor, and fulfill orders from third-party systems. The system also offers an AI language detector to resolve cases faster and allow agents to communicate with several prospects simultaneously.

Updates to Field Service Management

Allowing employees to manage customer requests while they’re on the move, away from their desks, is critical to superior customer service.  The Dispatcher Workspace offers visibility into task distribution across contractors. The new visual interface lets agents navigate and prioritize tasks, eliminate manual refreshes, and enables dispatchers to schedule meetings with the help of Soft Booking.

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Enhancing Employee Experience

The only way to ensure positive customer experience is by making sure employees can do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Here are the notable updates to ServiceNow Employee Experience offerings.

HR Service Delivery

  • Employee Relations Creates a safe space for employees to report concerns with the new Anonymous Report Center, and with the pledge to investigate any allegations that are brought forward.
  • Intelligent Experience Simplifies employee journeys and brings out the best in the workforce by providing a positive experience with intelligent, non-intrusive content recommendations that promote tailored learning.

Enhancement to Workspace Service Delivery

  • Workplace Reservation Management Creates and manages team-owned workspaces, including reserving meeting rooms on alternate days.
  • Workplace Service Mapping Navigates office space and creates reservations with interactive maps. Searches and creates reservations near colleagues on the floor map with new proximity booking.
  • Mobile Updates Employees can use a mobile app to navigate in and out of different spaces in the workplace like coordinating available meeting rooms on the fly or reserving a desk for a meet-up.

ServiceNow takes employee and customer experience seriously and the latest San Diego release builds on superior platforms, apps, and tools to make work, work better for employees, to ultimately serve the end customer.