Data center specialist and system administrator discussing hybrid cloud options using Matilda Cloud platform

What Is Matilda Cloud and How Does it Benefit Businesses?

The IT industry thrives on tech advancements to simplify existing processes. One such advancement is Matilda Cloud. Matilda Cloud is a multi-cloud manager that provides industry-leading migration and discovery services. Here is how Matilda Cloud assists businesses with cloud migration, transformation, and management.

What Does Matilda Cloud Do?

Matilda Cloud automatically discovers and migrates all on-premises applications and their dependencies to the cloud of your choice. It also gives users self-service capabilities with scalable features to help meet their needs.

Matilda Cloud also automates application and services migration to the cloud using the migration model of your choice (Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, or Re Architect). Furthermore, it modernizes your applications by generating the infrastructure as code to provision your application in the cloud.

Services Offered by Matilda Cloud

Cloud Management

Matilda Cloud reduces IT operating costs, and its rate of application delivery drives digital transformation. This helps migrate applications to the cloud quickly and effectively. It also ensures a seamless migration between the cloud platform and resources.

Service Management

Matilda Cloud additionally implements workflow-based solutions. It provides programming efficiency by installing, configuring, and managing apps on virtual machines or Kubernetes clusters.

Operations Management

Matilda Cloud monitors the cloud environment and understands the demands, capacities, outages, etc., and alerts stakeholders take actions whenever necessary. It also keeps track of assets and optimizes the environment by locating unused or overburdened resources.

Container Management

Matilda creates Kubernetes or Docker Swarm-managed containers and configures them. It also supports the life cycle of managed services and modernizes legacy applications. The primary objective is to reduce time and improve reliability with less human involvement and complexity.

Cost Management

Matilda generates reports to understand cloud use and associated costs and optimize with an intelligent rebalancing of workloads. Later, it uses analytics to understand total cloud usage and cost, which loads across the cloud management platforms.

 Visual of Matilda Cloud migration processes.

Benefits of Matilda Cloud

Efficient Cloud Migration

You don’t need to spend ages preparing your application, you can launch it straight away. Quickly deploy any app in public or private clouds. Future-proof business software by using containers. Manage deployments across multiple cloud providers.

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Cost Control

Manage and view cloud usage information from the application level, keep track of when and how you are utilizing your resources and align your spending with your business needs.

DevOps Support

Whenever a new application is needed, Matilda Cloud makes it easy for developers by streamlining and fast-tracking deployment with standardized tools available in different categories in one workflow-driven catalog. Then, when you add integration with code repositories, updates will be seamless between such platforms.

Security Governance

Matilda secures your cloud computing infrastructure with automation using encryption. The platform automatically applies upgrades or patches to the system and can provide self-service catalog options to easily select updated applications or system policy improvements.


Matilda Cloud is a comprehensive platform that enables highly automated rapid migration to public, private, hybrid, or container-based cloud technologies while maintaining existing cloud environments. In a nutshell, Matilda cloud provides a continuous and straightforward approach for firms to manage all resources in a predictive, efficient, and optimal manner.