Adding Artificial Intelligence to Elevate ServiceNow CSM

Adding Artificial Intelligence to Elevate ServiceNow CSM

In the quest to achieve digital transformation, organizations are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. Customer Service is one area in which AI can exponentially benefit. But Customer Service also poses unique challenges for AI that you must consider when implementing the technology.

One challenge with customer service is that customer needs are very dynamic and moreover customers are coming from many different channels and devices. These very challenges are what positions AI to truly impact the efficiency of customer satisfaction. Intelligent technologies are proactive and sensitive to customer interactions to understand and predict customer needs and across different devices with superior experiences. ServiceNow offers an artificial intelligence-enabled CSM platform to enable businesses to deliver the best-in-class customer service management solutions.

Implementing AI with ServiceNow CSM

There are a couple of steps to consider before launching artificial intelligence with you ServiceNow CSM:

  • Data Quality: Gather and make sure the collected data for AI is as clean as possible.
  • KPIs: KPI’s are very important within the ServiceNow Platform. AI can improve KPIs such as average resolution time, customer satisfaction, re-assignment counts.
  • Inputs and Outputs: Agent Intelligence can, by default, categorize and assign requests. If you want to provide more information to determine the correct category and assignment group (i.e. Location), make sure to add respective additional inputs to the solution definitions.
  • Forecast Organizational Change: It is important to estimate the organizational change. Before implementing agent intelligence, we need to create and implement an organizational change plan so as to check if these changes work with the decision-makers.

Empowering Customer Service with AI

“Highly automated companies are 6x more likely to see revenue growth of 15%+.”

– Today’s State of Work Report, ServiceNow

Artificial intelligence performs tasks that typically necessitate intelligence abilities such as resource utilization, analytics, workflow automation, predictive intelligence, anomaly detection, machine learning, and natural language processing. These capabilities offer quantifiable benefits by strategic utilization of various functions to enhance service and resolve customer issues with better experiences. The AI integrated ServiceNow CSM modernizes customer service management and drives customer service innovation in following strategic ways.

1. Custom Customer Service Experiences

To ensure top-notch customer experiences, efficient communication is key. From raising issues to resolution, ensuring tailored customer experience effectively across the channel is critical to ensure customer satisfaction. ServiceNow CSM adoption of Intelligent technology makes this possible.

Knowledge Management Made Smarter

Having the right information, as soon as you need it makes customer service easier. But due to legacy CS processes, organizations lack systems to strategically organize data, resulting in long issue resolution times and diminished customer satisfaction. The ServiceNow platform integrates with enterprise systems to measure data proximity and integrate all data sources to ensure data agility and receptiveness. With AI-driven CSM, customer communications and behaviors are analyzed, and a map is created and content is provided to the customer, generating personalized experiences.

Chatbot Integration with ServiceNow CSM

People want to solve their problems without having to search through a portal catalog or mobile app. This is a great opportunity for a chatbot. To offer intuitive experiences in the delivery of workplace services 24/7, chatbot integration with ServiceNow is a game-changer in service relationships. Chatbots can be trained in natural language and can understand requests via voice or text further customizing the user experience.

Great Community Support

Leveraging the power of predictive intelligence and strong community support, ServiceNow studies customer behavior and customers can self-service in communities while engaging with appropriate content and experts. Meanwhile, businesses get an opportunity to study and plot the customer requirements and trends.

2. Enhance the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Issue Resolution

62 percent believe AI can reduce the time it takes to get answers while still being highly tailored to their preferences”

– pwc

Powered by AI abilities like agent intelligence and predictive intelligence, ServiceNow automates routine processes and eliminate barriers, empowering service organizations to improve effectiveness and efficiency in managing service requests.

Intelligent Routing

AI solutions automatically categorize, prioritize, route and assign service requests efficiently to the right person or department. Here the CS agent doesn’t need to worry about who to assign a ticket to and instead track the entire process of issue resolution with transparency.

Intelligently Workflow Automation

ServiceNow CSM intelligent technology enables businesses to analyze data, discover data clusters, actions to be performed, and uses this information to automate workflows and build custom workflows.

Proactively Manage Issues

Using anomaly detection capabilities, intelligent technology correlates thousands of events, identifying patterns that are likely to result in a future issue. By comparing similarities of incoming events with these patterns, it determines which customers might be affected for communications and remedial action.

3. Continuous Optimization for Service Process

Improve and optimize service delivery dynamically, while uncovering a balance between service process improvement and customer satisfaction. This requires businesses to constantly monitor daily tasks, automate wherever required and enhancing tasks to deliver superior customer experiences and outcomes.

Generate Knowledge Culture

Customer service agents answer various user requests and issues, often these are repetitive which is a mere waste of time. Here the intelligent technology like AI integration to CSM can automatically create new knowledge and add it to a knowledge base, which can be offered to users for self-help. For example, if the chatbot is integrated into the CSM platform, then the chatbot can extract the appropriate knowledge article in the knowledge base to the user for self-help without having to wait for someone to turn it on. This cost-effectively enhances and deepens the overall knowledge base without requiring additional resources.

Direct to the Best Agent

Intelligent technology guides agents as they get customers to issue resolution as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Right from the customer context, it dynamically analyzes and regulates the guidance to the customer service agents, allowing them to stay focused on the customer.

Stay Data-Driven

Analytics gathered by intelligent agents is valuable to any organization. Not only do they gather the analytics AI can analyze and offer suggestions for improvement while also predicting potentials issues from customers or workflows.