ServiceNow Developer Working on Worklfows

Build Your Own Workflows with the Now Platform

Most organizations implement some form of workflow systems whether it’s a web-based system, spreadsheets, desktop client or chart-based. Although these systems are designed to manage organizational workflows, businesses still struggle with having complete control of how their business processes are performed, monitored and measured.  With ServiceNow’s Now Platform App engine, you can reimagine every process as a seamless digital workflow.

ServiceNow integrates processes and activities between people and systems. Any interaction that involved forms, events, requests, and approvals are simplified by automated workflows. The drag and drop interface anticipates an entire sequence of activity in a transparent flowchart.  These activities including anything from generating records, notifying users of pending approvals to run tasks, scripts, timers and more. This end-to-end automation can be a game-changer for any organization, amplifying processes that drive business.

Integrate Everything

A prominent factor of ServiceNow solutions is that they know no system is one-size-fits-all. You can connect your systems and applications with transparent, out-of-the-box integration or implement ServiceNow’s natural language environment to build new integrations that anyone can reuse.

Digital workflows generally involve many different platforms, apps, and data and make tedious tasks a breeze. ServiceNow’s Integration Hub allows developers, IT workers, and process analysts to expand flow in Flow Designer to any third-party service and efficiently create end-to-end digital workflows.

An expandable publish-discover-reuse framework permits IT to advance speed and productivity while empowering the business with an increasing set of codeless integrations for business applications.  This will reduce integration costs and complexity by leveraging workflow platforms you already have for integrations.

Create Intuitive Experiences

Deliver a modern experience to users that’s just as easy to understand as it is to use.  When you build and deploy mobile-first experiences using ServiceNow’s intuitive, no-code designer, Mobile Studio can rapidly create an engaging mobile experience for your users and employees.


  • Build native mobile apps for iOS and Android without writing a single line of code
  • Accelerate development by leveraging out-of-the-box templates for layouts, forms, and buttons
  • Be more productive and get work done on the go, with or without internet connectivity

When you amplify your applications, you drive continuous business improvements with machine learning, predictive insights, and real-time analytics. This allows you to foresee trends and prioritize resources to magnify efficiency and performance.

Drive Business Outcomes

ServiceNow Performance Analytics provide the power of data for successful service delivery to stakeholders and subject matter experts – workers, executives, and owners – to align data, people and goals. With Performance Analytics, you can:

  • Anticipate trends by monitoring prior and current performance to pinpoint areas for improvement and catch service bottlenecks.
  • Prioritize resources by bringing clarity to what matters and quickly re-direct service coverage to where it’s needed most.
  • Maximize self-service and automation to spot areas where self-service and automation can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and a delivery great experience.
  • Guide continual service improvement on KPIs using Analytics Hub, forecasts, time charts, breakdowns, and dashboards.

Delays around decision making, actions and responses can reduce productivity in any business.  Manual processes or systems that fail to communicate processes make the decline in productivity even worse. Building your own workflow through the ServiceNow Now Platform and new workflow app will extend your ServiceNow solutions to stay ahead of the game. Accelerate the scale of digital workflows for a streamlined process and automation to accomplish more and eliminate setbacks.