ServiceNow ITOM

Gain complete transparency into your IT operations to predict
outages and optimize costs.

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Manage Your IT Operations Successfully

ServiceNow ITOM enables organizations to gain visibility across infrastructure and apps, maintain service health, and optimize cloud delivery and spend.

ServiceNow ITOM Product Expertise

Effective IT teams use ServiceNow ITOM to monitor team and process performance and optimize availability.


CMDB connects your digital products across the entire digital lifecycle and breaks down silos with a single system of action across all tables, views, and apps.


Realize fast time-to-value through simple discovery of hardware, virtual, and cloud resources, and serverless clusters for the CMDB.

Service Mapping

Gain control with service-aware operations and make informed decisions quickly, diagnosing problems and prioritizing them based on business impact.

Event Management

Identify the root cause of incidents and turn events into actionable alerts that help you pinpoint the origins of service issues.

Cloud Management

Deliver cloud services fast and bring all your cloud data and resources together to improve productivity and IT visibility.

ServiceNow CMDB

By integrating your digital products and services in one Configurations Management Database, you can take advantage of these benefits.

  • Quickly design and develop new systems into IT landscape
  • Improve Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) for production incidents
  • Enhance service restoration and root cause analysis
  • Achieve data-driven outcomes, making it easy to understand impact and risk
  • Create accurate, certified data from external sources to use in any app, form, or workflow
  • Consolidate data centers
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ServiceNow Discovery

ServiceNow Discovery increases service availability and minimizes the danger of service degradation or outage with better certificate and firewall management. It powers digital transformation by understand traditional deployments and its ability to manage new cloud and container environments on one system.

To make the most of your investments, integrate discovery data with connectors to build an up-to-date CMDB with automated workflows.

ServiceNow Service Mapping

ServiceNow Service Mapping results in reaching time to value quickly and reduces the time it takes to map processes and improve accuracy with out-of-the-box options.

Deliver on your multi-cloud strategy by mapping services across dynamic cloud-based providers with a high degree of accuracy. This preserves existing customer investments and provides the ability to use the Discovery data and mechanisms you already have to enhance service maps.

ServiceNow Service Mapping Results
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ServiceNow Event Management

ServiceNow Event Management improves service availability by cutting out event noise with AIOps capabilities resulting in quickly identifying issues so you can reduce service outages.

ServiceNow Event Management revitalizes your existing tools by consolidating events from current monitoring tools, reducing alert noise and service impacts.

ServiceNow Cloud Management

ServiceNow Cloud Management increases agility and governance which enables developers to deploy and provision cloud resources on demand, created from cloud templates.

This reduces manual work and automates cloud management by using policies to govern deployments and resource operations.

ServiceNow Cloud Management

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