ServiceNow ITOM

Gain complete transparency into your IT operations to predict outages and optimize costs.

Manage IT Successfully

Effective IT teams use ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) to monitor team and process performance and optimize availability.

Manage IT Processes Effectively with ITOM Tools

  • ServiceNow Discovery
  • CMDB (Configuration Management Database)
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Service Mapping
  • AIOps
  • Orchestration

Monitor Your IT Health

The valuable Service Mapping feature in the ITOM module allows IT teams to understand the impact a service outage will have on overall operations and helps detect and resolve the issue before impact can occur.

CMDB Implementation Outcomes

  • Design and develop new systems into IT landscape quicker
  • Reduce time spent on impact analysis for changes across environments
  • Improve Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) for production incidents
  • Enhance service restoration and root cause analysis
  • Consolidate data centers

Delivering Complete CMDB Maturation

Delivering Complete CMDB Maturation

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