Employee using zoom to make a video call to collaborate across teams. An example of an organization benefiting from using ServiceNow and Zoom partnership

How ServiceNow and Zoom Expanded Partnership Can Help Organizations

If businesses don’t prioritize digital transformation in today’s changing work culture, collaboration, and productivity can suffer. With hybrid work becoming more prevalent, organizations face the risk of information being limited to certain departments, which can negatively affect productivity. ServiceNow helps businesses maximize their digital business operations and offset negative impact from the changing work culture.

Zoom, as a company, is at the forefront connecting people and helping them collaborate to overcome workplace challenges. It has proven itself to be a valuable platform during the pandemic and its aftermath, which saw a change in how businesses viewed work and employee experience. At its annual customer event, Zoomtopia, ServiceNow and Zoom announced their expanded partnership between the two companies to help their joint customers enhance productivity and collaboration across the organization.

ServiceNow CEO, CJ Desai said, “I’m incredibly proud that, together with Zoom, we’ll help organizations simplify workflows, boost employee productivity, and create great customer experiences to make work better for everyone.”

ServiceNow Employee Center for Zoom

To encourage employees to take to take advantage of all the benefits within Zoom, ServiceNow has released ServiceNow Employee Center for Zoom. With this app, employees are no longer required to switch between apps to get work done, saving valuable time which can then be devoted towards more productive tasks. This makes digital services accessible to employees regardless of whether they work in an office setting or remotely. With all necessary information available at their fingertips, employees can help themselves of all the benefits of Employee Center directly within Zoom.

With this solution building on the previously released ServiceNow Virtual Agent integration with the Zoom Team Chat, employees can serve themselves at the place of their choosing. They now can:

  • Get help across departments
  • Make desk reservations
  • Find company news and resources
  • Access personalized tools and information

Zoom Contact Center for ServiceNow

According to the latest surveys, customers expect and are even willing to pay more for more meaningful and connected experiences, forcing companies to change their approach to improving customer service. To simplify the service agent experience for customers, ServiceNow is further enhancing its integration with Zoom. Service agents can now complete their task in one location with the help of Zoom Contact Center for ServiceNow. It integrates interactions from Zoom Contact Center, such as inbound and outbound dialing, click-to-dial functionality, call logging, and call notes directly into ServiceNow. This enables agents to efficiently manage customer communications and find quick solutions to problems.

Ticket Collaboration with Zoom Team Chat

Integration of Ticket Collaboration with Zoom Team Chat helps service agents collaborate in real time on open tickets with multiple teams using Zoom. With the right resources and information available at their fingertips, agents can resolve issues and solve requests at a much faster pace and more efficiently.


With new integrations and the expanded partnership between ServiceNow and Zoom, customers can optimize collaboration and increase productivity in their organizations.