Female customer service team member communicating with a customer. An example of utilizing one of ServiceNow’s solutions into your business.

Going Beyond ServiceNow ITSM Implementation

As businesses embrace digital transformation and automation, IT processes across departments are first to get automated and facilitate these services. For most businesses, ServiceNow is the platform to turn to for their IT Service Management (ITSM) needs, making it the undisputed leader in the ITSM segment. In fact, in 2022, Gartner has named ServiceNow as a Leader in the ITSM Magic Quadrant for the 9th consecutive year. However, the ServiceNow platform offers a wide variety of solutions that can be used to increase the value of business functions beyond core ITSM and specifically in Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

ITSM implementation is a continuous strategy, businesses must periodically evaluate performances to identify and resolve inefficiencies and redundancies. Many routine maintenance tasks can now be automated allowing service delivery teams to focus on more strategic work. Every business has specific needs, ServiceNow ITSM modules can be modified to meet them. Tools such as ServiceNow Flow Designer and ServiceNow IntegrationHub can be used to build and customize the modules as per the business’s requirements. Businesses must be prepared to scale ITSM to meet their growing demands.    

Some of the ServiceNow modules that should be adopted after successful implementation of ITSM, and its maintenance strategy include:

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

As businesses embark on digitalization journey, they seek to invest in capabilities that help in agility, as well as making quick decisions to drive customer value. ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), previously known as ITBM, equips organizations with a methodology that is business-driven, streamlining efforts that align with business goals and drive overall business value and success. With SPM, businesses can have a comprehensive portfolio of all business applications including data on every module functioning, its usage, and overall implications for the business. Detailed information on parameters such as cost, user satisfaction, risks and real-time alignment with business goals can be easily accessed using the portfolio management dashboard.

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Monitoring and maintaining the health of IT infrastructure is of vital importance for businesses, not just to eliminate downtime but also to ensure efficiency. This becomes more important as businesses continue to adopt new digital solutions to replace legacy systems. ServiceNow ITOM is a comprehensive solution with enhanced capabilities for improving the business’s IT infrastructure. With this module, IT teams can have greater visibility and comprehensive view of services as it maps applications with infrastructure, which increases transparency.

Customer Service Management (CSM)

In the rapidly changing world of technology, customers expect tailored and personalized experiences. With ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM), businesses can automate service requests and communicate the resolution process through omnichannel support including chatbots, voice assistants, mobile apps, and portals. ServiceNow CSM can quickly route issues to experts most qualified to resolve, helping in tracking down the root cause of the problem and address it. Furthermore, ServiceNow intelligent automation solutions unify departmental silos by providing relevant and timely information to customer service teams, helping them resolve issues faster.  

Human Resources Service Delivery (HSRD)   

Like other departments impacted by digitalization, the Human Resources department too must adapt to technological changes in the business and adopt HRSD solutions for smooth functioning. With ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, businesses can unlock business efficiency and deliver their employees the level of service they deserve. They can create a terrific experience to fit the needs of a modern workforce by giving employees a single location to manage their work needs, while protecting them from back-end complexity.

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, V-Soft can help you go beyond core ITSM and adopt additional ServiceNow solutions for increased efficiency and productivity.